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Yolo Rollo Rolls into Huntsville

Yolo Rollo Rolls into Huntsville

Recently, on a trip to my local mall, walking through the food court entrance, I was stymied by a LONG line of people at one of the shops. This NEVER happens, so I knew that there must be something worth seeing!

Since I’m only 11, and therefore, still a kid, I was able to squeeze my way around a bit to see what was happening. Magic! Pure, creamy, delectable MAGIC! There were 3 men pouring liquid onto metal spheres that seemed to be suspended over dry ice. The minute the liquid hit the sphere, the men took their scrapers & spatulas and start moving the liquid around, similar to making scrambled eggs! Finally, they roll the concoction (thus their name, Yolo Rollo). I decided I couldn’t possibly leave without trying this new twist on my favorite summer treat.

But How Did it Taste?

Maneuvering my way to the end of the myriad of those waiting, I tried to be patient. Watching the men perform as they worked made the time go by fairly quickly. Once at the cash register, I ordered Green Tea ice cream with cheesecake and a wafer stick. It came in little cocoons of bliss! Totes adorbs! Seriously! To me, this was as cute as the Kawaii Cuties I’m so fond of! It wasn’t too cute to eat though. I dug in with gusto and was delighted with my choice of flavor combinations – it was subtle with just the right crunch added to balance the notes.

When you go, if you’re not sure what to order, Yolo Rolo puts samples out daily & they are happy to offer suggestions. I highly recommend trying this out!

Yolo Rollo Details

Yolo Rolo is located at Parkway Place Mall on the 2nd floor: 2801 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville (map)
Phone: 256-533-0700

Submitted By Kayia L.
Age 10 and aspiring writer at Rocket City Kid

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