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Back to School Poems

Back to School Poems

Back to School Haiku

Thank the good lord, school
Is almost back in session.
Goodbye my kiddos.

School Supply Haiku

I could have supplied
An army with what I bought
Last year. Where’d it go?

Summer’s Gone

Sun sets on Summer
Another season slips away
Water battles by the wayside
No more days of sweaty play
Books in hands where once were toys,
Desks where once were lawns,
Days are getting shorter no,
Shadows are not as long,
But friends are made
And subjects learned,
Minds are molded,
Grades are earned,
Stories told of family trips,
First loves on playgrounds,
Weather changing, turning cold,
Coats turn up in lost and found.
Summer’s done, but will return,
Life moves ever on,
Repeating, like a lovely chorus,
In a favorite song.


Dear Teacher,
My kid is extra special,
Please treat her as such,
I believe she’s capable
Of so very much.

Dear Parent,
Yes, your kid is great,
One amazing child,
I have only one critique,
She is a little wild.

Dear Teach,
By wild, I assume
You mean her spirit’s free,
We encourage that in her,
It’s who she’s meant to be.

Dear Folks,
By wild, I mean she runs around,
Screaming and throwing stuff,
Be assured, I’m not complaining,
But it sure makes teaching tough.

For real, maybe you need to look
At what you’re teaching our girl,
Perhaps she isn’t challenged enough,
She’s the genius of the world.

You’re right, her mind is great,
And way ahead all around,
Now if only she’d do her math
Without that shrieking sound.

Please know, I understand,
But our girl IS the best,
Perhaps you aren’t up to snuff,
She isn’t like the rest.

You know, you’re right, she sure is great,
One of my favorites of all time,
I recommend you move her up a grade,
To not would be a crime.

I’m glad you understand us now,
She’s special through and through,
The problem never was with her,
The problem was with you.

I’m your girl’s new teacher,
We should rush her straight to college,
She tied me up and danced around,
She’s dangerous with her knowledge.


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