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See Rock City: Kid Reporter

See Rock City: Kid Reporter

Reviews of great places by the kids who experienced them – our popular Kid Reporter series continues with a special road trip review!

What do 10 year-old twins think of Chattanooga’s family attraction, Rock City? These two Rocket City Mom Kid Reporters share all the details about their recent visit.

Ben’s Rock City Review

I loved going to Rock City. I can’t pick a favorite part but I really liked getting rock candy and going across the suspension bridge (Mom note: keep a handle on littles, it is HIGH). I was kinda scared to go across the suspension bridge but it turned out fine.

In the gift shop they actually had suckers with real bugs inside of them.

It is a very nice place and I got to see a lot of cool rock formations. There were tons of cool things there. A really cool rock formation you can see is called “Tortoiseshell Rock”. There were really tight squeezes to go through. There was a part with fantasy things. I pretended I was a dragon in that part. It was really fun.

I also got to see some deer there. I don’t see deer very much so I thought it was cool. There was nothing that was boring. If you like adventure I think you would really enjoy going to Rock City.

Rock City kid reporter 2

Alya’s Rock City Review

I really liked Rock City. Pretty much the first thing we saw was how many tight spaces there were! But it wasn’t very hard work getting through them. We went to Deer Park. There were so many deer! It was awesome.

You can see 7 states from Lookout Mountain! Also, there was a suspension bridge, but I didn’t go on it. I’m too chicken!

We also went into this fairytale thing (Mom note: Fairyland Caverns). We saw a bunch of weird gnomes. We went into a room, and our clothing glowed (and our teeth)!

Then I went to get some fudge. It was hard, sticky, and delicious. Then we went to TACONOOGA! My favorite thing to eat at Taconooga is a quesadilla!

We even went Pokemon hunting at the riverfront in Chattanooga. There were about 6 wild magnemites.

It was cool! I think your family should go because of all the deer and awesomeness!

Rock City Kids reporter 3

Parent Pro-Tips on Rock City

This is not an inexpensive trip, but is totally worth the money. It is a lovely place to explore and provides opportunities for education and fun. Please note, the classic trail is not accessible for strollers or wheelchairs and has some very tight squeezes (a tall mom or dad with a backpack carrier might not make it through). There is a clearly marked, fairly flat path, but you are navigating large rocks around you. With this, if you want to explore the long path, plan accordingly. If you need better accessibility, there is a trail from entrance to the Lookout that is accessible per the staff. Mom and Dad HIGHLY recommend this day trip. Also check out the RCM review on sister attraction, Ruby Falls here.

Rock City Details

View Website | Hours of Operation
Location: 1400 Patten Road, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750 (map)
Phone: 800-854-0675 | 706-820-2531
Cost: General admission is $19.95 for Adults and $11.95 for Children (ages 3-12)

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