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Pine Ridge Day Camp: Kid Reporter

Pine Ridge Day Camp: Kid Reporter

Reviews of great places by the kids who experienced them – our popular Kid Reporter series continues with a special summer camp review! 

Whitney’s Pine Ridge Review

When I went to Pine Ridge my favorite thing was riding horses! They even let me steer it one time. Also my counselor was great! She was not completely strict but made sure that everybody who wanted to did the activities.

For lunch we had different things. One day we had burgers, another we had BBQ sandwiches, so we had different stuff everyday! It only rained once so we went to the pavilion and had a snack and did crafts.

We did crafts one time and I made a picture frame. At the last day at camp they put our group photo in the picture frame we made. I didn’t really make any new friends besides my counselor. But I had people there who were already my friends. There were water stations to fill up your water bottle. It was very fun and I would like to go back again!


Drew’s Pine Ridge Review

I can not decide what my favorite activity was but archery and fishing are just two of my favorite activities. The counselors were very nice. My counselor was not strict and she gave my group a lot of choice on what to do.

On lunch the first day I had a hamburger. You have two choices for the main meal and something like an apple, orange or strawberries. There was also a salad bar.

The day that it rained my counselor took out her card deck and we played slap-jack. It was pretty easy to be friends with two people in my group because they were not really shy. I became friends with them because you get to know everybody in your group. I stayed hydrated because I carried my water bottle with me and there were water stations everywhere.

I want to go back because it was a lot of fun and there was a lot of different kinds of things to do.

Submitted by Drew S., age 12, and Whitney S., age 11

Pine Ridge Day Camp Details

View Website | Pine Ridge on Facebook
Location: 113 Pine Hill Drive, Somerville, Alabama (map)
Phone: 256-778-9999

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