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Holiday Haikus by Dad

Holiday Haikus by Dad

[themify_box style=”lavender announcement”]We have some pretty amazing Readers, and we love to feature them when we can, especially when they’re talented, funny, and poignant when it comes to parenting moments. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! [/themify_box]
Dashing Through My Mind

“Jingle Bells,” my kids
Sing repeatedly, nonstop,
Driving me insane.

Sugar Plums

My kids say they’re nice,
But I’m sure Santa sees they’re
Full of sugar plums.

Elf on the Shelf

The elf sits up high
Judging all, as always I
Forget to move him.

holiday haikus jingle bells

Holiday Spirit

Finding holiday
Spirit seems much easier
When one is a child.


“I want to give to
Charity for Christmas,” she says.
The future has hope.

Happy Christmachanukwanzaakah

Wishing you merry
That should cover it.

Christmas Morn

I look at my kids
And see wonder fill their hearts:
Christmas morning dawns.

Be It Resolved

I want a new body
In the new year,
That would fill me
With all of the cheer;
Yes a new body,
Be it resolved.
Now how to go about it;
A problem to solve.

Dear 2016

Dear 2016, what hath you wrought?
Some laughs and some tears; hard lessons were taught.
We’ve loved and we’ve lost artists galore,
Up in heaven there will be an amazing rock tour,
While we here on earth try to keep up our heads
In a world that daily fills us with dread.
It hasn’t been all bad, but we sometimes forget
The good bits, due to negative mindsets:
Family and friends are always around,
Love and life will continue, they’ll always be found.
And as we move on into the new year,
We must always look forward and never should fear;
The world will keep turning as we trudge up this slope,
And always remember, if we still breathe, we still hope.

[themify_box style=”orange”]Benjamin ShapiroABOUT THE AUTHOR: Benjamin Shapiro graduated from Washington College with a BA in Philosophy. He is a transplant to Huntsville from Baltimore, MD. Ben is a stay at home dad to two lovely daughters. He currently has a collection of poetry entitled “Dance of the Entwined Branches” available for the Amazon Kindle HERE.[/themify_box]



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