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Win 4 Tickets on the Santa Train

Win 4 Tickets on the Santa Train

Congrats to Our Winner – Stephanie Parker

What kid doesn’t love Santa? What kid doesn’t love trains? Put them together and you’ve basically got the most genius idea ever. That’s why we love The Santa Train rides offered each holiday season by North Alabama Train Museum. You can read all about one RCM parent’s experience and then you’ll definitely want to win Day 4 of our 12 Days of Giveaways – 4 tickets on the Santa Train (3PM December 3, 2016 train)! 


When: Saturday, December 3 & 10 | 12, 1:30 and 3PM

Where: North Alabama Railroad Museum

Cost: $20-$30 | Buy tickets


Share your favorite Santa sighting/experience in the comments below and then check back next Friday (November 18, 2016). We’ll randomly draw a winner from all the comments and we’ll email that person with the email they used to leave the comment. NOTE: Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or a new winner will be drawn. 

[themify_box style=”red info”]12 Days of Giveaways is one of our favorite Rocket City Mom holiday traditions. Starting November 1st, every Tuesday and Friday for 6 weeks we’ll be giving away one or more holiday related prizes. Be sure to mark your calendar and then check back with us here to see what all we have in store! Another great way to stay in the know is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Good Luck! [/themify_box]


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  • A favorite Santa sighting memory is from my own childhood – growing up in a small town in NC, we had one shopping center, anchored by a JCPenney store. Each year, we kids would gather in the JCP parking lot, eagerly awaiting our first glimpse of Santa’s helicopter on the horizon, as he descended upon our city for the annual Christmas parade! We cheered and jumped up and down as his helicopter landed on the roof of JCPenney…then he got out and waved to all of us below! The next time we would see him was at the tail end of the parade….every bit as exciting!

  • Our favorite Santa experience is writing letters to Santa. Then when we just happen to run into Santa the kids get so tickled, like he knows they’ve been keeping in touch. This year, Santa letters went out in June. I think they’re a little excited!

  • My favorite Santa sighting is when our daughter spotted his house lit up in the distance on Green Mountain. “I see Santa’s house!” she exclaimed. It was awesome!

  • Our favorite Santa sighting was seeing Santa at our uncles house every year with his big red bag.

  • Our son is 3 years old and last year we went to Bridge Streets Christmas Tree lighting (our first time). After the fireworks display we rode the carousel- during our ride Santa’s chair was visible and after our third time around Santa was in his seat. Our son was so excited! Every time we circled he would point and shout, ‘There’s Santa!’ We then stood in line and got to meet Santa. ?

  • My favorite Santa experience is taking my girls to Santa’s Village. The first time I took my older child I remember seeing a look of so much wonder and sweetness on her face. It was magical.

  • My favorite Santa experience is from my hometown of Ft. Wayne Indiana. The tradition is to go and see Santa and get hot dogs. I know that sounds strange, but its a family tradition every year. They deck Santa out on the side of a building downtown. It is very hard to explain but it is a wonderful sight to see. Photo on this website. They also provide the sleigh rides for the adults and children. It is a wonderful time of the year in the snow 🙂 Next door is Coney Island HotDog. They have been there in Ft Wayne since 1914. They even have the old decor. 🙂 Everyone is so friendly and excited to see each other. – I have not been home in 3 years (since my grandfather passed). But this memory will always be my favorite 🙂

  • Santa’s Village has to be one of my favorites. We also go to Fantasy in Lights in Georgia every year, miles of Christmas lights and Santa is there as well.

  • one night we three kids were going out with our parents to see the christmas lights people had put up on their houses. we were all in the car waiting on our mom. and waiting and waiting. and finally she came and we drove through several neighborhoods marveling at the christmas displays. eventually we came home and someone shrieked “santa was here!”. indeed, all our presents were under the tree. years later we learned this was one of the many ruses my mom and dad used to help us enjoy christmas ?

  • We have 3 kiddo, 2 of which are autistic.
    Last year the Army moved us here to Redstone & we didn’t have many resources here yet. We were invited to a Sensory Santa event for kids with disabilities, and they were so amazed!

  • My favorite Santa memory is seeing my Littles light up every time they see him!

  • So far this year my favortie experience has been seeing the joy in my child’s eyes When I told him Santa was lighting the tree at Bridge Street tonight!

  • Santas village. We love it and we have been lucky enough to go when it’s almost empty and my son runs from one station to the next. Seeing his face light up is awesome.

  • My son and I were out at the Christmas tree farm for a photo shoot 2 years ago and all the sudden Santa appeared. He was there to visit kids cutting down a tree but came and joined for our shoot!! It really amazed my son!

  • When my twin daughters were 5 years old, Santa set up bunk beds in their shared room, and hung their stocking on the bed post of their new beds. Afterwards, Santa put them in their new beds, and they did not wake up till morning in their new beds. One of my daughters said she seen Santa come through her bedroom window with her new bed, but she act like she was asleep, but wasn’t really! 🙂

  • This is one of my own… Every year, Santa would come visit my Grandma’s house a few days before Christmas just to check on us to make sure we were being good and are ready for the joyous holiday. We always got a small gift and tiny candy cane before he left. We were always in awe and shock when he would show up.

  • We love going to the Christmas tree lighting at Bridgestreet and seeing santa for the start of the season!!

  • One of my favorite “ho ho” aka Santa memories was taking my little girl to Constitution Village last year for the first time.

  • My favorite Santa experience was watching my shy two year old interact with the Santa at the South memorial chick-fil-a last year. He really wanted to show Santa his book he had, and when the line died down, he slowly snuck his way onto Santa’s lap and handed him his book. Santa was so good with him and took the time to read his book to him. He still remembers that Santa, and is no longer scared of sitting on Santa’s lap.

  • My favorite Santa memory is watching my daughter sit in his lap last year. At 12 months old, she wasn’t so sure about Santa. This year, she is so excited!

    • Congrats Stephanie! You and yours have won 4 tickets to see Santa. Please contact us via FB message or by email ( ASAP.

  • We haven’t done it yet, but I know my 2 year old will be absolutely THRILLED to see Santa at the galaxy of lights this Saturday. He’s finally old enough to understand and is all prepped and ready to ask for a Buzz Lightyear 🙂 Here’s hoping this year my oldest will also actually speak to Santa 😉

  • Our favorite Santa experience was a few years ago at the Decatur mall. We were just walking around not planning to see Santa that day. We came upon what looked like Santa in his chair and we were in luck, only 3 people in line! Our 2 boys were so excited, they got to spend one on one time with a very patient santa. We didn’t take pictures ( like I said we were not prepared) the kids just have that memory forever. No phones. No mommy saying look here and smile, just them and a really great Santa!!

  • Favorite Santa experience would have to be, when I was a kid we would ride around every Christmas Eve looking up at the sky trying to see if we could spot santa and his reindeer! We had so much fun!!

  • A local Huntsville radio station hosted a Meet Santa event with treats and fun. When Santa Claus made his entrance, before I knew it, my, then four year old son, jumped from his seat and ran to him yelling with his arms extended, “Saaaaantaaaaa, you’re really here”!!! My son clung to his leg so happily. Santa looked around to see to whom the child belonged as I mouthed, “I’m so sorry”. But, it was such a precious moment and I’ll never forget it!!!

  • My favorite Santa sighting is seeing him during the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade- it’s a tradition that the whole family watch the real Santa kick off the season.

  • In the last town where we lived there was what appeared to be the real Santa & Mrs. Claus. We always had breakfast with them at a church before the annual Christmas parade. They were so friendly & something about them was magical!

  • I’ve always loved just seeing the joy on childrens faces when they see Santa for the first time that year. Just the way they light up and tell it’s santa!!

  • My favorite Santa sighting was getting my son to sit in his lap for the first time. He cried did not understand it but seems excited this year!

  • My favorite Santa sighting was seeing Santa ride on a fire truck in my neighborhood growing up. I hope we live in a neighborhood one day that does the same thing so my daughter can experience it.

  • My favorite Santa sighting happened last year when our family went on a day trip to Gatlinburg, TN. We were heading up to see all the Christmas decorations, do some shopping, and specifically visit the Christmas store. Just outside of Gatlinburg cruising through traffic we spotted Santa Claus-dressed in his full plush red suit, wearing a shiny red helmet, riding a motorcycle with his bag of toys strapped to the back. I will never forget that!!

  • When I worked in Lowes building materials section in Troy, AL as a college student, one December evening a gentlemen with a strong resemblance to St Nick came in with quite a few things to get. After helping him load up I asked if we had got it all. Looked at me and said “let me check my list”. Knew he was the real deal!

  • Three years ago was the first time my son ever saw Santa. His face lit up like a Christmas tree! He was so happy. That was by far my most memorable Santa moment. ????????

  • Our favorite is seeing Santa at the Bridgestreet tree lighting. Our daughter loves to go on a hunt through the crowds!

  • My favorite Santa experience was back in CA when I was a teen. Our city had a Santa sleigh that drove through the streets and stopped multiple times a night for lines of kids who waited for pictures and a candy cane. I volunteered every year from age 14-20 as an elf. I rode the float multiple times a week, donned a fun elf costume, sang songs with kids, and posed along with them in their Santa pictures. It was magical seeing how an army of volunteers could make so many little kids happy!!!

  • My dad was asked to be Santa for a cub scout pack meeting many years ago. He agreed, and asked if he could borrow the Santa suit again on Christmas Eve. Just before my daughter’s bedtime, he went out to the garage, changed into ‘Santa’ and knocked on the front door. My daughter, then about three years old, was so thrilled to have been able to stay up late enough to ‘see’ Santa!

  • My favorite Santa experience is at Bridge Street. I love seeing the look on my boys’ faces when we run into him.

  • My favorite santa experience is when santa ( aka my uncle) called our house on Christmas Eve and told my little brotherly that he wanted a bologna sandwich rather than cookies. My parents had to find an open supermarket on Christmas Eve night to buy bologna for my frantic brother:)

  • My husband, two kids (ages 5 and 2), and I went to one of the “best neighborhood lights displays” in Huntsville last year, which you graciously listed for us all on your website 😉 My kids got to see someone dressed up as Santa while we were outside roaming around through that amazing neighborhood lights display in the Bailey Cove area (I think?) And whoever was dressed up as Santa in that neighborhood last year did a fantastic job!!! My kids are STILL talking about how nice Santa was to them, how he asked them what they wanted for Christmas, and that he gave them candy canes after letting them explore the “amazing lights” around his house at the North Pole 🙂

  • My favorite Santa sighting happened after Christmas. We ran into a man in February who liked just like Santa! My child was so excited that she ran up to him and told him she was still being a good girl. I apologized to him and he smiled and said it happened all the time!

  • My favorite Santa sighting was when I was 13 years old. My 8 year old brother’s classmate had leukemia (she was also our neighbor). A helicopter landed in the field down from our house and it had Santa Claus on it. He had made a special trip to come visit her. It thrilled her beyond measure and made my heart happy for her. : )

  • My granddaughter caught a jingle ball from santa that he threw to her and I swear in that moment I could see in her eyes that she believed. That moment made her feel like Santa was letting her know all her good behavior had finally paid off.

  • My favorite Santa memory is when my 3 year old son told Santa he is leaving him 3 cookies and only 3 cookies, but there’s more if he’s hungry. He went on to tell him how he decorated them with chocolate. It was so cute and had Santa and his elves laughing.

  • My favorite Santa Claus memory is when my son kept running down stairs to see if Santa ate his cookies. He was so excited.

  • Watching Polar Express Christmas Eve with my family and nephews. This year I get to watch it wit my wife and 3 year old son!

  • My favorite Santa sighting was when I was in 8th grade. There was a house in my neighborhood that had beautiful Christmas lights, a real sleigh, real reindeer, and what appeared to be the real Santa. I no longer believed in Santa, but I still loved seeing it all. I remember sitting in his lap and asking for peace on earth.

  • The community we live in had a dear couple who played a beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Clause at an annual brunch each year. They knew our daughter well, but she never recognized them. Imagine her surprise when Mrs. Clause asked me to call her! Our daughter thought we were the coolest patents to have Santa’s phone number!

  • Favorite Santa sighting, the day before Christmas @ at the Mall. We saw Santa leaving a store with bags.. my youngest nephew says ” I guess the elves couldn’t make everything!”

    ** it is Ymail, not Gmail***

  • My favorite Santa sighting can randomly happen all year long. I live in Decatur and there is a man who keeps a white Santa beard year long, has the Santa haircut, smile, and wears overalls. So, when I see him unexpectedly in the city while shopping or running errands, he unknowingly put’s a smile on my face and instantly reminds me of Christmas.

  • My favorite Santa sighting has been with my daughter at Santa’s Village. Such a magical experience and seeing the look of awe and excitement as she sits with him is priceless. I am so excited to take my 2 year old son this year to see his reaction as well.

  • Our favorite Santa sighting is finding the Bridgestreet Santa every year! He is our favorite one, and my kids enjoy walking through Bridgestreet trying to find him!

  • Favorite Santa sighting is from the days past, when Downtown Department Stores Spelled Christmas! Jordan Marsh was the favorite window display and enchanted village. It was wear dreams were made of. Christmas was an exciting time and santa was the greatest in these department stores…Ah…

  • My favorite Santa sighting was seeing my dad dressed as Santa in a picture from my childhood. It was great you see the smile on his face as he brought smiles to ours. It was especially funny to see my son trying to figure out how Santa looked like grand daddy. Lol.

  • My daughter was terrified of Santa, we couldn’t get near him for the longest time! Finally when she was five, we visited the santa at posh mommy, and he was so sweet to her. She was finally ready to tell him what she wanted for Christmas! Seeing her able to take part in that special part of the holiday season was wonderful!

    Oh and once my husband dressed up like Santa to try and coax her to take a picture with him, that didn’t work very well either, lol.

  • My favorite Santa sighting was when my daughter awoke after hearing sounds on the roof – she ran to the front door and saw Santa running to the next house. I’m just thankful she didn’t ask why he didn’t take his reindeer and sleigh to the next house. 🙂

  • My favorite Santa experience was coming home from Christmas Eve service when my daughter was 2.5 years old, and my dad hid in the bushes in a red coat and hat with a big sack and snuck around the side side of the house just in time for her to catch a glimpse. The moment was magical and I will never forget it. Three years later well still talk about “that one time we caught Santa” on Christmas Eve.

  • Santa used to come to our house for our annual Christmas Party when I was younger. It was always special.

  • Favorite memory would definitely be leaving cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve and waking up the next morning to see that Santa had eaten the cookies ?

  • Santa would always be at our grandpa’s house every year. I loved how he would give me a kiss on the cheek (because I was the only girl!) and would give me great bear hugs! And he smelled soooo good. A few years after my grandpa passed away and Santa hadn’t been around in a while, I was a teenager helping my grandma clean out grandpa’s clothes…and I smelled Santa.

  • I remember being little and waking up in the middle of the night. I usually slept with my mother and when I awoke she was not in the bed. I remember waking my dad to ask where she was and he told me she was in the bathroom (lights were on, door was shut). I went back to bed and distinctly heard someone getting the tape out of our cabinet. I just knew it was Santa and quickly fell back asleep. For some reason this has always stuck with me and was such an exciting feeling “knowing” he was in my house with my presents!

  • We love seeing the Auburn Santa at Parkway Place Mall! Love the orange and blue. Along with the traditional Vintage Santa in Bridgestreet!

  • My favorite Santa experience is when our 2 year old son (now5) saw Santa and after an hour of inching closer he jumped up on his lap. He stayed glued to Santa handing out candy to the other kids the rest of the night.

  • My favorite Santa experience is watching my daughter when she spots him at the mall, on TV, or in a book. She gets so excited and usually squeals a high pitched squeal. She just can’t get enough of him.

  • The joy on my sister’s face the first time she saw Santa. She was 3 and I was old enough to need to live Christmas through others joy, if you know what I mean…

  • About two weeks ago I was in Steak-Out on Whitesburg Drive. I walked in to pickup my food, and there was Santa Claus picking up his food that he ordered! I’m assuming that he had finished a gig he had that day because he was in full costume, needless to say it was a PLEASANT and UNEXPECTED surprise for me! It definitely made a lasting memory for me! I said, “Hello Santa”!! He said, “Hello there”!
    Then he got his food and left in his car….Mrs. Claus was in the car too!

  • My favorite Santa experience was writing letters to him when I was a little girl. I loved it when I was 7 and I got my picture in the local newspaper with my list for Santa to see!

  • Taking my kids to the community pancake breakfast in our old town, Santa always made an entrance.

  • Watching my four year old son meet Santa at the Santa supper put on by early works. It was magic. He was soon excited, and believed Santa was there just for him. ❤

  • Last Christmas my 5 year old son and 13 year old daughter saw Santa at their school event. They had no idea he was a good friend ours and knew a lot about them. The look on my son’s face was priceless when Santa called him by his name, asked about his sister, and said a few more things that had him convinced he REAL Santa was at his school. My daughter was really freaked out about how much the Santa knew about and her face was priceless until she figured it out!

  • My grandparents raised myself and my brothers. My favorite memory was leaving out the cookies and milk. Christmas morning Santa only took a bite and drank a little milk.
    Christmas was special at our home!
    We are raising our granddaughter so we will continue the tradition.

  • A couple of years ago my daughter, 3 at the time, and I spotted the Dickens’ Santa at Bridge Street. We got a great picture of the two of them!

  • Any time we see Santa without “planning” to, it’s very magical!

  • My favorite all time favorite Santa experience was right after my best friend and I had our first children they both were a month old. Santa held both of our little ones and took a picture.

  • My favorite santa sighting was at belks in parkway mall. My daughter saw santa for the first time at 7 months with her five year old cousin. I was so excited for the kids to see santa and the pictures cost nothing. I will remember that sighting forever. I wasn’t expecting to see santa but stumbled on a free event in belk while shopping.

  • One of my favorite Santa sighting memories was when my son was 5 and really getting into spotting Santa. Santa surprised him in the mall by knowing his name and my son’s joy was through the roof!

  • Our favorite Santa is at Santa’s Village n the favorite time is the age where both of my kids are scared to death crying for that one picture every family has in their stack of family photos!!! Then u hug them n kiss them n make them realize Santa is your friend!!!! 🙂 lol

  • My favorite “Santa” sighting is the Christmas one of my brothers thought he heard and saw Santa. So he woke all the kids up before 4am. We got to open presents early so my parents could head to the hospital and get the “present” Santa left for us there! A new baby brother!

  • My favorite Santa sighting is at Santas Village and supper with Santa. My son’s eyes always light up and Santa is so sweet!! It’s a magical time.

  • My favorite Santa experience has to be when my daughter was about 2 or 3. We went to Madison for the christmas tree lighting and Santa rode in on a fire truck! My daughter’s eyes just got wide and lit up brighter than I’d ever seen! She about jumped out of her daddy’s arms with excitement. She is 5 now and still enjoys seeing Santa every time but that day she was the most excited little monkey I’ve ever seen!

  • My favorite Santa sighting is when my dad dresses up for Christmas and surprise all of his grand babies. They absolutely love it and have no clue that it is grandpa. Love to see the look on their faces.

  • My favorite Santa memory is the first time our oldest met Santa. He screamed like crazy. We made it our Christmas card that year. I have never had so many friends and family tell is how much they loved our card before.

  • Our favorite experience is when my mother-in-law would have one of her colleagues call me kids and pretend to be santa. They thought it was Santa and it was a very magical experience for them.

  • When I was really little my family in town on Christmas Eve, and two of my older sisters told me Santa had been by the house, and then they said look!!!!! It’s Santa there is Rudolph’s glowing nose and pointed up into the sky to a tower that watched for planes but it was dark so all I could see was the red glowing light, see Rudolph’s nose is glowing!! i was soooo excited! Yes, I believed them until I was in my late 20’s and I was driving in that same place and seen that tower and then it hit me!!!! That was not Santa, lol that was the tower…. now I do it to my grandkids!

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