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Big Oh’s Parent Review

Big Oh’s Parent Review

Big Oh’s is in a familiar location on the north side of the courthouse square in downtown Huntsville. I’ve eaten things as varied as a Western omelet and drunk mussels in this space. It has been reborn as what is primarily a Korean restaurant, with a few traditional American items and some Korean fusion items as well.

As downtown spaces often are, Big Oh’s is narrow, with most of its square footage front to rear, rather than side to side. A long lunch counter and short order kitchen dominate the first floor, with a tastefully decorated dining room that includes a full bar upstairs. After my companion and I ordered and paid, we sat upstairs, and the rest of our lunch was full service.


Big Oh’s Menu

There are numerous Korean entrees on the menu, as well as some straight American items like a Cobb salad and a hamburger. There are tacos and quesadillas, infused with Korean influence. All entrees are served with cabbage kimchi and cucumber kimchi, and most fall in a $10-16 range. Appetizers include wings and Korean specialties like summer rolls and savory pancakes, and are $8-11.

My friend and I each selected something from the $9.99 lunch special menu. I went with the Big Oh’s bugolgi burger, a 1/3-lb. hamburger prepared and served traditionally, but marinated in sweet-savory bugolgi sauce. It was divine, though it was so juicy that I wiped out my shirt eating it. (Easier for a fat guy to do, though word to the wise for anyone. Don’t make a mess.)


My companion selected jap chae bap, with shaved beef, vegetables, and Korean glass noodles, as well as steamed rice. She was complimentary of her lunch, and we both sampled the small cups of cabbage kimchi and cucumber kimchi that accompanied it. The cabbage carried a little heat with it, and the cucumber was a cool counterpoint.

Dessert selections include the Korean fruit punch soo jung gwa ($2) and cupcakes ($3).

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For the Kids

There is no dedicated children’s menu. However, younger diners for which Korean might be too adventurous have options, like chicken fingers and the aforementioned quesadilla. Highchairs are available. Restrooms are clean single-seaters that do not include changing tables.

Big Oh’s is in an interesting space that has housed several interesting things. It’s convenient and efficient enough for lunch, yet also nice enough for date night, with just enough draw for little folks to make it a family dinner if you like. With the exploding interest in dining and nightlife in downtown Huntsville, Big Oh’s seems well-positioned to capitalize.


Big Oh’s Details

Address: 121 North Side Square, Huntsville
Phone: (256) 801-8773
Big Oh’s on Facebook
Monday – Thursday 11am to 2 pm; 5 pm to 9 pm
Friday, 11 am to 2 pm; 5 pm to 10 pm
Saturday, 12 pm to 10 pm

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