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Our Favorite Apps for Mom & Dad’s Sanity

Our Favorite Apps for Mom & Dad’s Sanity

Carving out time for yourself is hard. Sometimes making sure you practice self-care on the regular can actually be another anxiety-inducing task, just one more thing you feel like you need to make a priority. But anyone who has ever actually listened to the airline stewards when they say “secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others” knows exactly why you should bump your own needs to the top of your To-Do list. Parents do a better job taking care of their children when they prioritize self-care.

There are even apps for that! If you want to unwind, connect, meditate, or just do something brainless, there is value to be found in the moments in-between. Sometimes a mood reset is just an app away.

Me-Time Apps for Parents

What apps do you like that help get you precious “Me-Time”? We asked several local moms & dads what they recommend.

Tetris – it’s nostalgic, so I find that comforting. And it feels self-indulgent because it’s not productive at all, so it’s almost like I’m getting away with something.
Google Play | iTunes
– Leah F.

Dots & Co. and Two Dots for distraction.
Google Play | iTunes
– Jennifer K.

Daily Yoga is very nice and the subscription is cheap for a year. It has 10 minute versions like can be wedged right in between conference calls.
Google Play | iTunes
– Deta A.

Headspace is a new app I’m trying. It’s great for de-cluttering your brain, especially if you work online a lot. It makes me more mindful and present when I shut my laptop and is a good app for beginning meditation.
Google Play | iTunes
– Stephenie W.

Candy Crush and Monster Busters – my kids make fun of me! Sometimes in this hectic world where the only peace is inner peace, little shallow victories are what you need to get a little ego boost. The best ones are the puzzles that give prizes! Double win! And totally useless otherwise. As a mom, I do feel a little naughty too – because HELLO isn’t there something else you should be getting done!? I get to “play” with my friends (silly I know) but they send you lives, you send them lives – they send you level breakers, you send them level breakers. It’s like a virtual high five.
Google Play | iTunes
– Isha G.

Words with Friends. It makes me think, and I have some tough competition.
Google Play | iTunes
– Leslie B.

Neko Atsume. SUPER STUPID, pointless app where you feed cats.There are no bad guys, no timelines, no real point. The cats leave you “mementos” (bottle caps and buttons and dead animals, like cats do), and they leave fish “money” for you to buy new food and toys and houses. There are no levels, no achievements, and no point. And there’s this fat cat named Tubbs who eats all of the food. He’s got an Internet following.
Google Play | iTunes
– Sarah B.

I visit the sub-Reddits of news, Huntsville, hobbies, football, history, movies etc. It makes me happy because that is where a lot of stuff first “breaks”.
Download Here
– Derek M.

I visit Reddit a lot. There are great communities there that share good information. I get tips on writing, music, books, local events, exercise and diet, and plenty of other random interesting things. Also, Overcast is a podcast app for iOS. I learn so much from podcasts – they keep me intellectually engaged.
– Scott T.

Audible always. I wouldn’t have a lot of time to read otherwise. So I listen to books while getting my steps in (Fitbit app too!) so I can be in a faraway place in a book and talk books with people without all of the pesky reading.
– Erin P.
Audible is a game changer for me. Before becoming a mom I rarely listened to audio books. I’ve had to shift my reading life a bit and am pretty dependent on Audible and my Nook app on my phone to read whenever and wherever I can. Also, my favorite thing is to listen to books while walking with my son and the dogs so I can decompress, get a little exercise, and read. I gladly pay Audibles subscription fee.
– Janel K.
Google Play | iTunes

Words with Friends because of the challenge, Pinterest because I get to escape into different aesthetics without spending dollars, and reading/audio apps because reading has to happen, and I don’t make enough time for it. I’m mostly into audio books because my hands are so full of this reality stuff. Oh, and Spotify, because tunes are medicine.
Google Play | iTunes
– Patsy W.

Reddit and Two Dots are my biggest time killers/decompressing things to do on my phone. Reddit for the articles and funny pictures and Two Dots for the puzzle/strategy aspect. Makes me feel like I’m somewhat using my brain even when it feels like mush.
Google Play | iTunes
– Natalie B.

Duolingo is a language app, and I love to do five and ten minute lessons on that.
Google Play | iTunes
– Amanda M.

Instagram is my happy place. It’s where my artist community lives and where I’m trying to build my art business. I enjoy seeing what others are busy making and I enjoy the positive feedback I get on the stuff I make. I also enjoy Domino Drop, Neko Atsume, Word Seek, Ascension, and Carcassonne for the same escapism and small victories listed above.
Google Play | iTunes
– Misty G.

I read an article once that described free time as a parent as “time confetti”. It’s a perfect description. I find myself on Facebook lots more and having more in-depth discussions here since having kids. It’s an easy way to share timely articles, have threaded discussions with lots of my friends, think about something more high level than dishes and diapers. It’s filling in for a lot of blogs which have died over the years and in person adult discussions which are harder to have uninterrupted.
Google Play | iTunes
– Amanda C.

I have an on and off relationship with Periscope – right now I love being able to connect to other potters at almost any time all over the world. I prefer the way Facebook Live functions, but Periscope is more of a community. And I like that there is almost always someone live streaming that i want to watch, no matter what time of day it is.
Google Play | iTunes
– Teri H.

What do you like & enjoy that either helps you decompress or otherwise navigate the murky waters of parenting? Did you find anything new here you might try?

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