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Kid Report: Toybox Bistro

Kid Report: Toybox Bistro

This week I was invited to be a Rocket City Mom Kid Reporter for the Huntsville Restaurant Week Food Blogger Tour. This was really cool because I was the very first kid reporter to participate. I did a lot of things: I took pictures, met other bloggers, and I tried some delicious food.

There is a good reason why they named it Toybox Bistro.
There is a good reason why they named it Toybox Bistro.

We had lunch at Toybox Bistro. It’s a good place to go if you really like video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and other geeky toys. You can unleash your inner nerd! Toybox Bistro has toys and games everywhere – the walls, the ceiling, and even toys at your table while you wait! Kids and their parents can play with LEGOS while their food is getting ready. There are also crayons and a color sheet Kid’s Menu.

The Appetizers

Toybox Bistro Kid reporter

First we ordered poutine (gravy & cheese covered French fries) as a starter. The poutine was nice & savory! The owner of the restaurant also wanted us to try fried Wickles. The Wickles were sweet, sour, then spicy. They came with ranch dipping sauce. I really loved those two things.

When our food came, all the bloggers got up to take photos of their food. Now I understand Weird Al’s song, “Tacky”, – “I Instagram every meal I had!” I guess that’s just part of being a good food blogger.

Photo by Mathew Glover via Creative Commons
Photo by Mathew Glover via Creative Commons
The Specials

For our main course, the owner suggested we try one of the two specials they are offering for Huntsville Restaurant Week. The first one was the PB&Yay! Burger. It had peanut butter, bacon, and a beef patty. (Sadly, if you are allergic to peanuts, I do not recommend ordering this.) I did not try this but my mom said it was juicy and had a good flavor.

The second one was their C3PO Sandwich. It was a crispy chicken sandwich with ham, bacon, and melted cheese. It came with onion, tomato, lettuce, a dill pickle, and a bacon béchamel sauce. It was HUGE. The ham was sweet and very tender. I could only eat half but it was very good.

Toybox Bistro Kid reporter 2

Then it was dessert time. I was already feeling very full, but I had to try some! It was called Cherry Cheesecake Rangoons and there were two big rangoons to an order with powdered sugar on top and a special apple cider sauce. Inside was cream cheese and cherry filling. It was creamy, sweet, and crunchy and I loved it so much I brought some home to my brother.

Toybox Bistro Kid reporter 3

This was not the first time I had been to Toybox Bistro, and while I’m a kid, I don’t really like ordering off of the Kid’s Menu because my mom says I have an adventurous palate. However, kids who do not, have four choices on their kid’s menu: grilled cheese, corn dog, mac & cheese, or chicken tenders. It includes a drink and your choice of fries or carrots for $5.99.

toybox bistro kids menu

I had a lovely time being a Kid Reporter on the Food Blogger Tour. I would love to eat at Toybox Bistro again! The service is pretty quick, the food is delicious, and you can’t get bored being there – I give it five stars!

Toybox Bistro Details

Location: 511 Jordan Ln NW, Huntsville, AL 35805
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Submitted by Eli. W
Age 10

Editor’s Note: Want to be like Eli and become a Kid Reporter for Rocket City Mom? Find out all the details, submission guidelines, and how your kid could win gift certificates to Schoolcraft HERE.

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