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Dolce Pan Bakery

Dolce Pan Bakery

The first thing you should know about Dolce Pan Bakery is that it is a delightful Puerto Rican bakery, coffee shop, and fast casual restaurant.

The second thing you should know is that to find it easily, just think 2818. Located a couple of blocks east of Clinton on Governors Drive, Dolce Pan Bakery is a bit nestled into its property, and not easy to see from the road. Just park where you see a big 2818 sign and you’ll be there.

Dolce Bakery Inside

I’d had Puerto Rican food exactly twice before, so any comment I would make on authenticity would be of limited value. However, I will tell you that my dining companion and I, as English-speaking customers, were in a slight minority. Moreover, when I was deciding what to have for lunch, I emphasized to the proprietor that I wanted the most typically Puerto Rican sandwich she offered.

That turned out to be the Triplet, with ham, pastrami, steak, Swiss, lettuce, and tomato. Sounds good, but what makes it Puerto Rican? Ah, it’s the dressing. It’s a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise, but with a healthy amount of minced garlic whisked in. Well, sold. Minced garlic is good on everything but ice cream, and I did enjoy my Triplet.

Triplet Dolce Pan Bakery

The sandwiches are contact-grilled, made to order, and served with a few potato sticks. Several other meat combinations are offered, as are eggs and queso. The sandwiches are in the $5-8 range.

There is also a standing antojitos (literally, “little cravings”) menu, made up of savory pastries and other munchables commonly sold as street food. Everything on this menu is in the $2-5 range. I’m looking forward to exploring the antojitos further on a future visit.

My dining companion ordered one of the daily specials — the mofongo with shrimp. A signature Puerto Rican dish, mofongo is mashed plantains mixed with garlic, spices, and bits of bacon. She enjoyed the fusion of flavors, and found it quite filling.

Dolce Pan Bakery Monfogo
Go native and sample the mofongo – you won’t be sorry!

Pastries and coffees receive the rest of the attention at Dolce Pan Bakery, so dessert is no problem. My friend ordered vanilla flan, which was fresh and tasty. Other offerings include bread pudding and Danishes, making it a great place for a stop on the way to work (open at 7:00 AM Tuesday through Saturday).

Dolce Pan Bakery Collage

For the Kids

There is no dedicated children’s menu in evidence at Dolce Pan, but with such reasonable pricing this is not a significant liability. Things do look a bit different, though, so judge your little ones’ senses of adventure accordingly. There is no safe haven of dinosaur chicken nuggets to which to retreat (though bribery with sweet things is a potentially powerful play!). Highchairs are available, and both of the clean restrooms include changing tables.

Finally, know that the Dolce Pan Bakery Facebook page is highly interactive, with staff responding quickly. If you want a heads-up on upcoming specials, or you want to ask questions or make requests, drop by and do so. They respond promptly, in both English and Spanish.

I am delighted that the Huntsville restaurant scene is continuing to grow so quickly, and with such cosmopolitan offerings. Our new Puerto Rican place is a welcome addition. Keep Dolce Pan Bakery in mind for a step off the beaten path.

Dolce Pan Bakery Details

Address: 2818 Governors Dr. SW, Huntsville (map)
Phone: (256) 489-9434
View Facebook Page
Tuesday through Saturday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


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  • I forgot to mention that their beverage offerings include several cuisine-correct choices, like Malta and fruit drinks that are not widely sold in the continental United States.

  • Thank you so much for such an amazing review and for spreading the word about our business. We always strive to offer the best customer service and quality food to all our customers. We are very fortunate to be able to count on customers such as you!! Thanks again. -Dolce Pan

    • I enjoyed my visit very much, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again and trying some more new things!

  • A truly wonderful little bakery and lunch venue. Brought the family there for lunch 2 weeks ago and it was FABULOUS. The staff was wonderful and so helpful. A new Huntsville must!

  • Looking forward to carrying our family to try out Dolce Pan Bakery. Our son’s 8th birthday is in April. He’s adopted and part Puerto Rican and we strive to make sure he is exposed to his roots. One of the things we haven’t tried is Puerto Rican food, so we are excited about experiencing that. I asked him if he would like to go there for his birthday and try some Puerto Rican food and he responded with an enthusiastic “yes!”

    • We all went to Dolce Pan Bakery yesterday afternoon to celebrate our son’s birthday. We ordered the Cubano, the triplet, empanadas pizzas, empanada beef, el rico rello de papa (stuffed fried potato), apple fritters and a macaroon. The lady was so sweet by giving him a free cannoli for his birthday.

      It was all delicious and they were very friendly. We plan on going again! : ) I highly recommend you trying them out.

      • Kerri, I’m so glad you had a good experience! Dolce Pan has clearly landed in the Huntsville area at just the right time.

  • I went there yesterday with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Next time, I plan to bring my husband! 🙂

  • i had no idea Huntsville had a page or an app/////im so excited no more sitting in the house all weekend

  • The hours of operation need to be corrected. They are closed on Sunday and open on Monday 7a-7p.

  • Sounds delicious! I’ll have to try lunch here soon. What kind of bread is that on the sandwich you got? Or is it more of a wrap of some sort?

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