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Parent Review: EarlyWorks Bunny Brunch

Parent Review: EarlyWorks Bunny Brunch

Updated for 2018

For the past few years EarlyWorks Children’s Museum has been offering their annual Bunny Brunch. This most recent year we had the wonderful opportunity to go (even though they had been sold out of tickets for months!) My kids really enjoyed the event and it was pretty fantastic that I didn’t have to hide all of the eggs myself!
Happy Easter Cover bunny brunch

There are 2 different brunch options, one at 9:00 and then another at 11:00 – we opted for the 11:00 spot. The egg hunt is scheduled for 10:30 so that both brunch groups can participate at the same time.

Our EarlyWorks Bunny Brunch Experience

When we got there we found that they had 2 different sections of Constitution Village set up for the egg hunt. One side was roped off for children 6 and older and the other side was for 5 and under. I had some littles with me so my oldest ended up on the other side on his own. They had staff stationed at all of the exits as well as volunteers spaced throughout the “egg area” to keep an eye on everything. On the 5 and under side they let the 2-3 year olds in first for a few minutes and then let the rest of the kids in. They had hidden over 4000 eggs with a few golden eggs with extra special prizes in them!

I completely forgot to bring Easter baskets but true to form, Early Works had it covered and had ones for us to borrow!

Earlyworks Bunny Brunch 1

Everywhere you looked there were decorations and children dressed in their new Easter clothes with parents (and in many cases Grandparents) taking photos and just enjoying the lovely day. There were lots of photo-op spots to take advantage of!

Earlyworks Bunny Brunch 3

After the egg hunt we walked over to the Early Works building for the brunch. It was a gorgeous day out!

We stood in line for a short time and then were seated. Brunch included a child friendly food that all of my kids really enjoyed as well as an “adult” option that was quite tasty.

Of course, a Bunny Brunch isn’t complete without the guest of honor! Make sure to get photos taken with the Easter bunny before you leave!

All in all my kids had a fantastic time!

Some Bunny Brunch Parent Pro-Tips

Buy tickets early. This event completely sold out more than 2 months beforehand. Don’t wait or you will miss out!!!

Keep in mind that this event will sell out. There were a ton of little ones just about everywhere you looked. Early works made sure to have lots of volunteers and staff on hand to manage all of the kids but there were a few times I lost sight of my kids during the egg hunt.

Bring a basket. Early Works had quite a few extras for the kids to borrow if you forget yours like I did.

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Bring a jacket. Depending on the weather it can be really chilly this time of year. Even at 10:30 when we arrived we were glad to have our jackets.

Bring a camera. There were a ton of photo spots set up to take cute photos of kids. They do provide a professional photographer for bunny pics but if you want photos of the rest of the day you need to bring your own.

Don’t forget the Grandparents! I was pleasantly surprised how many Grandparents I saw and I would invite my kids Grandparents in a heartbeat next time!

Oh, and remember parking is free on the weekends.

Earlyworks bunny brunch easter bunny

2018 Bunny Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Earlyworks Society

When: Saturday, March 24, seatings at 9:00AM and 11:15AM | Egg hunt at 10:30AM at the Huntsville Depot this year!
Where: Earlyworks Museum (map)
Cost: Tickets are $15 per member, $18 for non-members for ages 1 and up.
More Info: | 256-564-8100

2018 Bunny Brunch Giveaway – Coming Soon!



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  • Last year was the first easter that my daughter was old enough to hunt eggs. It was fun to see her run around the yard looking for them.

  • I love Easter every year with my kids. I love seeing how excited they get to find all the eggs. And we love dying them that’s the fun and messy part!

  • Our first Easter away from home was probably my favorite…. Me n my 2 kids are from Ohio… we usually have a lot of family and friends around with big meals n hunts n baskets. Our first Easter in Huntsville was much less grand but still fun n really showed me all we need is each other

  • I love seeing our kids’ faces on Easter morning! They have to hunt for their baskets and light up when they find them

  • We hid Easter eggs around the yard for a Mini-egg hunt and my son loved it! He still keeps asking for more eggs even in October

  • Last year , we put mini toys in the eggs and my son had a blast looking for them!

  • Last year my daughter saw her Easter Basket and immediately looked at me and said “Where’s Dixie’s basket?” Dixie is our dog, hahaa.

    • Congratulations, Mendy! You’re the winner of 4 tickets to the Bunny Brunch this Saturday! Please check your email to claim your tickets.

  • When my daughter was one, she didn’t understand the concept of grabbing the eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt. She was focused on tracking down the Easter Bunny and getting as many hugs as possible.

  • Last year was the first time my oldest boy understood how to hunt for eggs. I loved seeing his excitement every time he found one.

  • My favorite Easter memory was when my daughter was 5. She really understood things better and was so excited to see bunny tracks leading up to her Easter basket after getting through the sav hunt that we made.

  • My favorite Easter memory with my kids was last year. My daughter was only 14 months old and we didn’t think she would really “get it” when we took her to the church Easter egg hunt. But boy were we wrong. She carried that big basket (about as big as she was) all around the yard picking up eggs, immediately opening them to look for candy, and then finally dropping them in her basket. Of course the basket was titled because it was so big, so as she walked she lost as many eggs as she was finding. We couldn’t help but laugh! But she had a blast and is eager to hunt more eggs this year.

  • My favorite Easter memory with my babies happened a couple years ago… We were on our way to Sunday morning service and I said to my oldest son (who was 3 at the time) “Sam, this morning is soooo special… This is the day we celebrate that Jesus is Alive! So at church today, someone might say ‘He is Risen’, and when they say that, we say back ‘He is Risen Indeed!’ “. A couple days later, I got a FB message from his Sunday School teacher that said “When I finished reading our story this morning, I said to the group, ‘that’s because He is Risen,’ and Sam looked at me and said “ohhhh Miss Bonnie… He is Risen Indeed!’ “. ❤️❤️❤️
    Also, have special memories of going to the Bunny Brunch with my mom years and years ago at the Y near Brahm Springs Park. She has passed away since, but would be so fun to share this tradition with my kids 🙂

  • My daughters are 15 months apart and when my youngest turned 1year old, my 2 year old insisted on pulling her around our yard in the wagon so (my youngest) could find all the Easter eggs. my youngest daughter wasn’t the best at walking at this age so it worked out very well. such sweet memories of these 2 girls every day from their love for one another to their individuality. Pictures are worth 1000 words and then some 🙂

  • Easter Memories of baking together, the excitements of egg hunts and new clothes!! We would love to make memories at the Early Works Bunny Brunch this year! Thanks Rocket City Mom for the opportunity!!

  • I love everything about Easter with my children!! !! But mostly them following their jelly bean trails to their baskets!! 🙂

  • For the first 3 years, egg hunting was surely not our thing… lol. Mommy was all geared up for it every year but the kiddos were just not having it!! Then last year something magical happened! They found out that if they went out without mommy and actually picked those eggs up along with the other kiddos, that there were treats inside them!! Ever since they have asked when Easter is coming again?! Lol this year we are ready and overly excited!!! 🙂 Bring it on Bunny!!

  • My best memory is our first Easter hunt here in Huntsville! It was a wonderful day filled with beautiful weather, easter hunts and lots of love!

  • My grandson went there with his Pre-K last year. The bunny lunch sounds like a lot of fun and he finally is really understanding the Easter Bunny and egg hunt ideas.

  • Thank you so much for great article on the Early Works Easter hunt. I can’t wait for the excitement my two daughters have searching for Easter eggs!

  • My favorite Easter memory with our kids so far is doing the Resurrection Eggs with our kids last year. We also had a daily reading from our church leading up to Easter so it was fun to watch our little toddler and preschooler get excited about what we were going to read each day. They also each participated in their first big egg hunt last year and had a blast collecting eggs.

  • My favorite Easter memory with my littles has been making them Easter baskets. To see their faces light up about new books, fun learning toys, bubbles and lifesaver jelly beans (because they make the world go round), has been the most fun to do and an absolute joy to experience.

  • I remember getting to wake up dress all pretty on new clothes and freshly painted nails, going to church then going to my grandparents for an easter egg hunt!

  • Last year was our daughter’s first Easter. Though she wasn’t able to walk yet, every time she spotted an egg my husband would take her over to it and let her pick it up and place it in her basket. It was the sweetest thing to see.

  • Last year my daughter was only four months old so this will be her first real Easter experience. I can’t wait to see how much fun she has!

  • Last year I made my daughter a hello kitty apron and 2 dresses that she loved. It made me so happy that she liked the handmade gifts as mush or more than the candy. She’s a keeper 🙂

  • I love taking my boys to Easter egg hunts and seeing their eyes light up as they find the eggs.

  • I love coloring real eggs with my kids. They really get into it and are so creative!

  • When my daughter was 3, She insisted on wearing her Princess dress and crown to hunt eggs. So sweet.

  • I love having an Easter Egg Hunt with my grandchildren in the back yard. It’s soooo much fun watching them run and enjoying the day. Their joy brings joy to everyone around them!

  • My family loves spending quality time together especially during the holidays. Every Easter, we color Easter Eggs and get messy. That is the fun part. Then the adults hid the eggs outside and let the children find them. Of course, we never find all of the eggs so we go back out and hunt them some more. We also make Easter cupcakes,have a special meal together and I read them the Easter story. We all have a fun time and make special memories that last a lifetime.

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