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Babywearing Ballet Class

Babywearing Ballet Class

When I left my full-time job to assume the role of SAHM to my brand new baby girl, I was more than excited to have this opportunity. I was also very determined to get my pre-baby body back and looked forward to exercising while my daughter was sleeping.

Then Reality Set In

Little did I know I’d have a baby who refused to sleep unless I was holding her. So, I ended up wearing her around my house all day and definitely could not do my workout as planned. My husband and I attempted to put her in her baby swing so we could at least get a 25 min. workout in but she would cry the entire time, which made it extremely difficult for me to focus and enjoy what I was doing.

Ultimately my desire to exercise went out the window and I decided to stress-eat instead.

One day, while sitting on the couch with a bag of Tortilla chips, I came across a post on Facebook about a Babywearing Ballet class. As a former dancer and someone who has desperately been trying to find a great dance program for adults, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic to see this option! I immediately “liked” the Facebook page and requested e-mail updates from Danielle.

Babywearing Ballet final group

What to Expect From Babywearing Ballet Class

I had so many questions: What do I wear? I haven’t had formal ballet training in over 20 years, will I be able to keep up? What if my daughter does not cooperate and starts crying in the middle of class? What if she gets hungry and needs to nurse?

Luckily, Danielle is a mom as well to a beautiful baby girl, so she completely understood my hesitations.

Dancing barefoot is okay if you do not own ballet shoes. She suggests wearing comfortable clothes that you can move in easily and are not too warm, considering we generate lots of heat from dancing while wearing our babies. Dance training is simply a bonus! If you are familiar with ballet, you will catch on fast; if you don’t have any dance experience, no worries! Also, if you need to break from class to feed/nurse your baby, that’s okay too!

Babywearing Ballet Week 1 final

The first class was held at 11am on October 14, 2015 at the Adonai School of Ballet and Fine Arts in Madison. We started with introductions as we were placing our babies comfortably in our carriers, and took our place at the barre. Danielle explained each step thoroughly and made sure we didn’t have any questions before dancing the sequence to music. She was able to keep everyone engaged by teaching us ballet steps that were not too difficult, but still offered the “toning” aspect we were looking for as new moms.

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After class is over each week, moms are encouraged to socialize and feed their babies, if needed, before the car ride home.

Babywearing Ballet at Adonai School of Ballet and Fine Arts is an awesome way to engage in light exercise with your baby, and another wonderful place to meet some pretty wonderful moms. So far, after only a few classes, I’m hooked!

Babywearing Ballet Class

Location: Adonai School of Ballet and Fine Arts in Madison, AL  (map)
Phone: (256) 694-0549
View Website | View Facebook Group (just ask to join)


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