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2015 Bricktastic LEGO Show

2015 Bricktastic LEGO Show

The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library’s annual Bricktastic LEGO Show is back this year and better than ever!

If your family craves all things LEGO then this is the event for you! Not only will the Tennessee Valley LEGO Club (TNVLC) be displaying their spectacular models, but there will also be programs for adults and kids alike on every floor of the library to meet your family’s LEGO needs.[themify_quote]LEGO play knows no age, holds no creative boundaries, and strives to meet the impossible.[/themify_quote]

The amazing LEGO structures built by the TNVLC are the headliners for this LEGO show. These works of art are a definite must-see. That’s not all — the library will be a cornucopia of pure LEGO fun! Have you ever felt the need to make a paper bag puppet of your favorite Mini-fig or go on a LEGO scavenger hunt? Youth services will be your stop for crafts, life-size LEGOs and other games. Is your family competitive? A few (hopefully peaceful) sessions of LEGO Wars will be offered throughout the weekend.


The second floor will be your destination for movies from the LEGO franchise. These movies will be shown intermittently throughout the day with an “Everything is Awesome” dance party to get your sillies out between shows. Snacks will be available for purchase if you or the kiddos get the munchies. The Tennessee Valley Club will also be hosting LEGO bingo and trivia on both Saturday and Sunday for those LEGO experts who might want bragging rights for the next year.

What’s New This Year

Panels and workshops make this LEGO Show unique from years past and will be held all weekend. For the kids, First LEGO League (FLL) and Hampton Cove Middle School will have LEGO robot demonstrations. In addition, FLL will give a workshop on how to make a LEGO robot. Curse, Inc. will give a presentation on Minecraft mods. Jae Delaine, the Education Associate at Sci-Quest, will show kids how to build a contraption to eat Oreos based on their eating preferences. There will also be adult-friendly panels. Jae Delaine will speak about S.T.E.A.M. and why it is important for children. Norma Pederson, from Making Connections, will present her ideas on the impact of LEGOs on children on the autism spectrum. Destination Imagination will round out the informational panels with a detailed on their organization.

One of TVLC creations from a past show.
One of TVLC creations from a past show.

LEGO play knows no age, holds no creative boundaries, and strives to meet the impossible. These small colorful bricks haven’t really changed since their ascent into legendary toy status. Not every child learns or plays the same way and that is why LEGOs are the perfect toy—there isn’t just one way to play with them. Libraries are the perfect place to showcase and foster the passion of LEGO enthusiasts. Several branches of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library hold many LEGO Club sessions.

Some Helpful Hints

LEGO Wars and the TNVLC led LEGO build, trivia, and bingo are registered events and are first come-first served. Sign up quickly for the events you want to attend! Also, all movie room snacks will be cash only. If you have any questions email Melissa Shuman at To see if your library has a LEGO Club, check the calendar on for more information.

The Giveaway

So… now you know all about the show, how about a giveaway for tickets? Our friends at the Library are giving two lucky Rocket City Mom readers a family 4-pack of tickets to the show! Just leave us a comment on this post below telling us about your kids’ favorite LEGO sets, characters, or activities and you’re automatically entered to win! We’ll draw a winner Wednesday morning, June 24th.


Location: Huntsville Library, Main branch (map)
Cost: $5/day or $8/weekend
Dates: Saturday, June 27th from 9am-5pm | Sunday, June 28th from 1pm-5pm

[themify_box style=”rounded lavender” ]Melissa Shuman thumbABOUT THE AUTHOR: Melissa is a Huntsville native and proud mother of five amazing kids. Always wanting to work with children, she was an elementary school teacher for a few years and is now the Youth Services Librarian for the Main Branch of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library. She spends most of her free time with her family, but she also enjoys reading, playing World of Warcraft, as well as other nerdy endeavors.[/themify_box]


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  • My 7 year-old daughter loves all kinds of Legos! Her favorites are Friends, Elves, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. She loves to follow every step to build the kit, or to just use the bricks to make her own creative design. Her favorite characters are Hermione, Queen Amidala, and Unikitty!

  • My son loves anything transportation – he is still too young, but he drools everytime he sees the Lego train sets! I think they might even be too complicated for me to build!

  • Our household is full of Legos! My husband is the “worst”. Our two boys are following close behind. Our baby girl was even given a Lego Friends set when she was born! From Lego City to TMNT, if it’s Lego, the boys will like it! We even have Daddy’s Legos from the 80’s!!

  • My two little boys and my big boy (my husband) love Legos. They share a love of Star Wars Legos, but they also like the city sets. My 7 year old has really gotten into the technic sets.

  • My girls especially love the Lego friends sets, but they also like the Lego city sets. We even have some sets from the 80s that they play with.

  • My kids LOVE all types of Lego sets. They have Lord of the Rings, The City, Avengers, Star Wars, and many, many, more!

  • one grandson likes the superhero legos, the other likes deploys. granddaughter likes fairies and frozen.

  • my kiddos love Legos. Legos have become a staple in our household. My youngest plays with duplos my oldest plays with all the sets the bigger the better. We became Lego fans when my oldest began struggling with strategy and math , legos have been amazing in helping her with these things.

  • My boys started out loving the City sets, but ever since the Lego movie, they are now ALL about anything to do with the movie!

  • My four year old son loves anything with Legos. He enjoys going to the botanical gardens and taking pictures of the displays and playing with the Lego race track. I love watching his enthusiasm when he sees new displays at the Madison library from their Lego club. He is fascinated by Legos!

  • With 4 kids, we have tons of LEGOs! They love all the different themes, but we have collections of City, Friends, Superheros & then of course, thousands of random bricks. 🙂

  • My 4 and 7 yr old love LEGOs. They are starting to become master builders. They enjoy the Star Wars and Ninjago sets.

  • Both of my kids can spend hours creating their own creations from legos. From towers to towns, to people and vehicles, their imaginations cease to amaze me. They would live this opportunity of getting to spend time as a family with their favorite pastime. Pick us!

  • I have 2 boys and they LOVE mini figures. Right now, they love the Avengers the most…tomorrow it will be Star Wars. 🙂

  • I have 3 girls and they love to build. My oldest 11 loves the creator series since she was 6 while my middle child 8 loves to create cites and castles for her little 4 yr old sister who loves anything pastel and friends. We’ve all enjoyed visiting places with large Lego displays like the botanical gardens, Disney World, and Sea World Orlando. It’s amazing what just a few Lego blocks coupled with imagination can create!

  • My 4 year-old son is really starting to enjoy some of the Lego junior sets! Our newest discovery, though, was downloading a free iPad app called Lego junior!! Now we can also play Lego in the car on road trips – how cool is that?!

  • My daughter loves the Lego Friends and the new Elves sets, and both kids love the Minecraft sets. My son likes the City collection. I collect pretty much a little of everything, myself! LEGOS cross generations.

  • Lego’s are all over our house, but I think the favorite sets are the Star Wars ones!

  • My kids love all things Lego, we have sets from every category but my kids like the old school space and castle systems the most.

  • My kids love everything Lego! My son loves the sets but he likes to add on to them and make them bigger and badder! My daughter loves all the Lego’s her brother has. Sure she loves the girl ones but she would rather work with him to make something cool

  • My son loves playing with his dad’s vintage space set, as well as city sets. He is currently saving up for the orange power boat set. He also LOVES his magazine.

  • The hot thing in our house right now are mixels; my 5 year old does everything as “Zorch” or “Hoogi” . HUGE fans of all things lego! We happened upon big ole box of random Legos at a thrift store the other day and you would have thought it was Christmas morning! Even my 16 year old was crawling around on the floor exploring our latest treasure….

  • Legos rule at our house! My son loves the mini figures the most! He can build most sets by himself now, and loves that, but he plans dance parties for the figures, and loves to act out scenes from the movie! Never a dull moment!

  • We love Lego so much that my husband, daughter and I opened our own franchised store. We hope to make it to this event because there is always something new to learn about from fellow Lego enthusiasts.

  • We’re a Lego-lovin’ family (EVEN Mom & Dad)!
    Our most favoritest sets are STAR WARS!
    This would be an AH-MAZING prize to win!

  • The animal themed sets have always been a favorite for us at our home. You really can’t go wrong with just playing with them freestyle though.

  • My kids (14,6,3) and I love Legos so much. Minecraft, star wars, and the mystery packs are all some of our favorites. We eagerly await Doctor Who sets….. the British building blocks just aren’t the same. I’m so glad I read about this, my 6 year old will be super excited!

  • 3rd genaration lego maniacs in our house hold all 3 of my kids my dad and i love them. in fact i am building a lego craft corner nook for the kids room right now in the garage so we can build our newest lego set thecstar destroyer all things lego and all things star wars what a glorious time to be had!

  • My son loves the Duplo blocks and the train and car Lego sets. He loves to build towers.

  • My kids vary greatly in age, so we have an older kid who likes any Marvel or DC kit, and Littles who still use chunky Legos!

  • My son, Donnie, loves everything there is about LEGOS! He loves to build using his imagination. He often uses Lego bricks to write messages to me. He loves the Lego movie. He loves to collect the mini figures. I don’t think that I could pick just one paticular set of Legos as his favorite, because he pretty much plays with them all equally

  • My son loves the minecraft Lego’s sets. He spends hours putting them together. He will be so excited to go this weekend. It’s going to be so much fun when he see how far people can go with Lego’s!

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