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Time Travel Adventure at Burritt

Time Travel Adventure at Burritt

Our weeks are super busy, like insanely busy with school, soccer, gymnastics, judo etc., and that’s just the kids, that doesn’t include the stuff that I do.

The funny thing is, I didn’t realize just how much my shoulders were up around my ears until we visited Burritt on the Mountain for their new exhibit “Time Travel Adventure”. This sign says it all, go slow and enjoy the journey back in time.

Slow Down at Burritt

Mom Slows Down to Step Back in Time at Burritt on the Mountain

The Time Travel Adventure takes you on a scavenger hunt through the 1800s, back to a simpler, quiet time. The only sounds were the sounds of happy children singing along with a man playing a violin on the front porch. I didn’t hear cars, cell phones, or the hum of computers, just nature, the violin, and singing. It was peaceful.

Burritt on the Mountain Time Travel Adventure-0075

I started noticing the trees and the rocks, and the kids even picked up a hoe to garden!

The air was slightly cool and the views were spectacular! On a clear day you can see the Space and Rocket Center.

Burritt on the Mountain Time Travel Adventure-0117

But that was my view: I enjoyed the peace, quiet and felt my shoulders pull away from my ears.

Kids Get Hands-On and Explore History

Burritt on the Mountain is a wonderful place for kids to run around, play – without electronics!

The kids loved the playgrounds, panning for gold, the farm animals and they really enjoyed exploring the Dr. Burritt’s Mansion. The Historian on staff at the Burritt Mansion was fantastic!

Time Travel Adventure allows kids to race boats down the miniature Alabama River, find their way through an Underground Railroad Maze (complete with hand painted murals), or dress like they did in the 1800s for great photo ops. They can do all this while learning about local, state and national history.

Time Travel Adventures Collage

Did you know the first mansion burned down and Dr. Burritt quickly rebuilt the mansion using fireproof materials! It’s pretty ingenious how he was able to make the straw that is inside the walls for insulation fireproof.

Planning your Trip

  • Take a couple of hours out of your busy schedule, when you drive back down the mountain I think you’ll be surprised at how at peace you’ll feel!
  • Bring a picnic lunch: there are plenty of picnic tables or places to lay a blanket for a picnic lunch.
  • Bring a camera for photo opportunities.
  • And last, be prepared to relax into a simpler time: ignore your cell phone/texts/emails and enjoy the scenery, watch your kids play on the playgrounds. It is just gorgeous up there.

BUrritt Mansion

Time Travel Adventure at Burritt Details

Time Travel Adventure Exhibit runs from March 21 – September 20, 2015.
Address: 3101 Burritt Drive Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 536-2882
Cost: Regular Burritt Admission; Time Travel Adventure is no extra charge and is a self-guided game so you can come anytime!
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