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25 Things To Do in Huntsville This Spring with Kids

25 Things To Do in Huntsville This Spring with Kids

It is officially spring (finally!) and now that the weather is warmer we have a challenge. We want to see how many of these awesome events your family can check off our Huntsville Spring Must List. Even if you don’t do all 25 things we guarantee you’ll have a blast trying!

Yummy Strawberries!

1. Take a hike through the wildflowers.
2. Travel through time.
3. Stop to smell the LEGO flowers.
4. Run like a superhero.
5. Get enchanted by a sleeping spell.
6. Explode a Peep.
7. Shear a sheep.
8. Get the blues.
9. Watch a car fly.
10. Save the Earth.
11. Eat a funnel cake while watching fireworks.
12. Sample the strawberries.
13Ride the rails with Peter Cottontail.
14Boogie by the back dock.
15. Dance with a princess.
16Listen to the love.
17Launch a car from the third story.
18Pat the bunny.
19. Meet a T-Rex.
20. Drive the ice cream truck.
21. Revel in robots.
22Snuggle with a baby duck. 
23Make a s’more on the mountain.
24. Get acquainted with the Blue Fairy.
25. Suck on a mud bug.



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