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Parent Review: Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills

Parent Review: Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills

Located at the Opry Mills Shopping Center in Nashville, TN, the Rainforest Cafe has been a favorite of our family’s since our oldest son could talk.

Upon entering, you automatically feel as though you have been transported to a tropical rainforest. Huge tropical fish tanks with brightly colored fish surround the entrance. Many different life-like animals including hippos, gorillas, birds, lions, elephants and others are located throughout the large restaurant. You must take the time to walk around and look at everything – stay at your table and you will miss something! Every 30 minutes, there is a “rain storm” where the lights flash and you hear rain, thunder and the animals. This can be startling to the littles at first, so make sure you warn them!

Rainforest Cafe

The food is delicious and priced well. The menu is large and includes many options – salads, pizzas, sandwiches, seafood, pastas, chicken, and steak. A kid’s meal is around $6 with large servings that include a drink. Our 3 year old would highly recommend the shrimp meal! My husband and I normally enjoy a huge appetizer for around $15 and then share a meal for about $10-$12. The portions are large, and we usually leave with a To-Go box in hand.

Rainforest Cafe Pro-Tip

My biggest complaint initially was the long wait for a table – we waited an hour and a half our first visit. Though a big restaurant, it draws a big crowd. However, our waitress told us about the Landry’s Select Club, which can be used at the entire family of Landry’s restaurant chains. For an initial $25 fee, you get preferred seating (meaning, we haven’t waited at all since having the card!) and a $25 welcome reward within 24 hours of registering to be used your next visit. You also get a $25 birthday reward each year and accumulate points for each dollar you spend. So you’ve already more than doubled your $25 investment and there is no renewal fee! For a full list of all Club benefits, check HERE. Keep in mind, you can also use your rewards at Landry’s in Huntsville!

Rainforest Cafe 2

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Such a fun environment with reasonably priced, yummy food! Well worth the drive for a special occasion or as a reason to sneak in some shopping at Opry Mills!

Rainforest Cafe Details

Location: 353 Opry Mills Drive, Nashville, TN 37214 (map)

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00-9:00
Friday and Saturday 11:00-9:30
Sunday 11:00-7:30


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