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Nominate Your Family Favorites for 2015!

Nominate Your Family Favorites for 2015!

It’s that time of year again! The third annual Rocket City Mom Family Favorite Awards are upon us and the first step is nominating your family favs in one of 25 different categories.

Family Favorite Awards 2015 LogoHave a restaurant you rave about? A playgroup location you adore? Do you HEART your pediatrician? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share with your friends here at Rocket City Mom so we can tell the world (or at least North Alabama).

You only have until the end of the month and then we’ll take the top three choices, or more if there is a tie, and then the voting begins. We’ll announce the winners on April 1 (no joke).



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  • Alexander’s Martial Arts IS A great place for all ages and they are focus on building a strong self-image in kids and adults alike.

  • Love Tiny Heart’s Boutique in Madison. Beautiful quality children’s clothing. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out I highly recommend a visit- so many cute options if you are planning Spring/Easter photographs for your kids.

  • Alexander’s Martial Arts made a real difference in my son’s confidence level which has helped him all the way through High School and soon into college. It is a great program which inspires folks to be their best under all circumstances.

  • Brister’s Martial Arts has been absolutely wonderful for both of my two boys. They are gentle but firm, and my boys don’t ever want to take off their uniforms!!

  • Brister’s Martial Arts Academy is awesome. Both of my kids look forward to being there every chance they get. The lessons go beyond basic skills, and reinforce solid values as well. Mr. Brister and his wife are the kinds of adult role models you want your kids to have!

  • Our kids have been taking Taekwondo
    At Brister’s Martial Arts Academy for years. Love our Taekwondo family! Mr. Steve Broster has a love for teaching and it shows!!! Cannot recommend highly enough!

  • Brister’s Martial Arts is the most family friendly business we have had the pleasure to be a part of. The buisness is truly a family affair. The chief instructor is an excellent teacher who really cares about his students. Our son has truly loved being at student here, and has developed not only as a Martial Artist, but as a more mature young man. The rates are excellent, and unlike other locations there are no contracts to sign.

  • We are so impressed with Brister’s Martial Arts Academy! The owners, Steve and Melissa really care about each and every student (adults and children alike). Brister’s Martial Arts isn’t just a place for children to learn Taekwondo, it’s also a place to learn discipline and values from great instructors!

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