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A Year-Long Scavenger Hunt For Us, A Year-Long Giveaway for You

A Year-Long Scavenger Hunt For Us, A Year-Long Giveaway for You

In late December of last year the trio that now comprises Rocket City Mom – myself, Stephenie, and Christa – met to discuss what lay ahead for RCM. We created flow charts, organizational charts, pie charts, lots of charts. It was all VERY professional. Then we got to the fun stuff and started talking about giveaways.

It’s Better to Give Than Receive

As you know, we love free stuff as much as the next person and in doing this job we’ve learned the old adage really is true – giving is super fun. So we started thinking about WHAT to give away and HOW to give it away.

[sws_pullquote_left]Declare yourself a fellow Rocket City Mom in the same way you let people know everything about your family and your political beliefs – with a bumper sticker! [/sws_pullquote_left] The first big change we made was moving giveaways off of Facebook and into our weekly newsletter. For 52 weeks we’ll pull names from our subscriber list and put their email in the Winners Circle of our newsletter. No entries to keep track of, no work on your part. Just cross your fingers and check your email on Thursday mornings.

The next step is our Stick It & Win It campaign. We’ve ordered 2500 new car decals and they’re pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. You may decide you want to stick one on your car just because they’re so awesome and we would totally support that. Go ahead. Declare yourself a fellow Rocket City Mom in the same way you let people know everything about your family and your political beliefs – with a bumper sticker!

How To Participate

I digress. The Stick It & Win It campaign will reward your love of car paraphernalia in one of two ways.

#1 – Each week we are going out hunting for RCM decals on the streets of Huntsville and if yours is one of the first three we see that week you’ll receive a note on your windshield with instructions on how to claim a prize.

#2 – If by mid-week we haven’t found three decals in person (or haven’t looked because let’s be honest, some weeks we may fall behind on our to-do lists) then we’ll put out a call on social media. If you are the first to respond with photographic proof of your decal, you win!


This contest is going to have A LOT of winners. That’s exciting but we want to be clear that the biggest prizes we give out this year will be via our newsletter. These prizes are of the smaller variety but still fun to win. We’ll be giving away coupons for free kids buffets, free small ice creams, $5 gift cards to local shops, and the like. #Fun #ManageYourExpectations #EnjoyTheFreeDecal

How Do I Get A Decal?

Good question. We’ll have a ton to give away at Learning Expo 2015 so stop by our sign-in table and pick one up when you get your program. Can’t make it to Learning Expo? Email us at and in the subject line of the email write – I Want To Stick It & Win It! Then in the email send us your name and mailing address. We’ll mail them out until we run out and then we’ll order more.



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