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Parent Review: Pump It Up

Parent Review: Pump It Up

“Hey, Mommy, I’m bored.”
“Hey, Mommy, I’m hungry.”
“Hey, Mommy, can I play a video game?”
“Hey, Mommy, can we go to PUMP IT UP?”

I hate to sound like a disinterested parent when I admit that I:

  1. Do not care care about Pokemon
  2. Cannot fix something else to eat for the 40th time today (grab a snack kid)
  3. Cringe at the thought of screen time, because I know they love/want it and I do not have a super excuse if they have earned their tiny bit of time for the day

But, a request to go to Pump It Up makes me absolutely giddy.


First off, we homeschool, and, even if we did not, kids need to burn off energy. My children will walk into Pump It Up at the start time of Open Play, will go strong until the final bell rings, and will obviously have had a great work-out. They do not sit down. They run, they jump, they slide, they play.

There are so many play options from the obstacle course to the slide to the octagon to jump basketball to air hockey to the cyclone machine. This is a VERY easy way for them to fill a physical education requirement for the day OR, when we were in public school, we loved to utilize play time to burn off the excess energy so that 8PM lights out wasn’t a struggle (“Mommy, I am thirsty.” “Mommy, I need to pee.” “Mommy…”). Plus, it’s play time instead of screen time. Bonus!

Pump It Up joust

Secondly, this play space is closed quarters with good viewpoints from strategically placed benches. This means I can work while they play. And that means more than I can possibly convey here, because I love what I do and it is hard to get time on my computer. I also love to invite friends along so that I can have time with my friends while the kids have time with theirs. It is the perfect play date spot. I have never seen a kid of any age turn it down.

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Last, but certainly not least, I’ve been to several Pump it Up parties, and they do a stellar job with the time management, party organization, and party perks (my favorite thing – they take pictures of the kids at play during the party play time them show the slideshow during cake/gifts, plus mom and dad can take the disc home as a party memory). The kids love the open space, play options, and the big party chair.

Pump It Up logo

Things to Watch For

  • Bubble play (because bubbles are magical).
  • Pump it Up runs specials like theme days, discounts days (we love to catch the $3.33 play specials), and teen parties.
  • Pump it Up is rolling out a Parents’ Night Out program. Enough said.

I think it’s a resounding endorsement that my children ask weekly to visit Pump it Up. It is one of their most favorite places to play! Take time to visit. It’ll become one of your favorites too!



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