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Free Car Seat Checks in Huntsville

Free Car Seat Checks in Huntsville

[sws_pullquote_right]Ever wonder if it’s OK for your 12 year-old to sit in the front seat?
Is your toddler ready for a booster?
Does the baby REALLY have to stay rear-facing until she’s TWO? [/sws_pullquote_right] The four technicians that are Rocket City Car Seat Safe have one goal – to make your vehicle as safe as possible for your kids. This week is Car Seat Safety Week, and it’s the perfect time to call on them for their FREE services.

“Parents are more informed than ever about kid’s safety issues,” according to Ashley DeHaye, one of RCCSS’s SafeKids certified techs. But even now, with the wealth of good information to be had about car safety, out of all the parents who think  they have their child in the right car seat, only 20% actually do.

20%!!! Think about that – this is NOT a great statistic.

the right seat

In 2012, an estimated 121,000 children under the age of 13 riding as passengers in cars, SUVs, pickups and vans were injured in car crashes. As parents we can stress about a myriad of things, but car seat safety is the one issue that should be most important to us statistically.

Rocket City Car Seat Safe does more than checks – they do car safety consulting of all types, troubleshooting, and will even come talk to your Mom’s Group, PTO, or civic group about the importance of what they do. Their Facebook Page is full of awesome infographics, funny memes (Ryan Gosling is an advocate for car seat safety – who knew?), helpful videos, and hard statistics. And the best thing? It’s all free, all the time.


How to Make a Free Reservation for a Seat Check

  1. Go to Rocket City Car Seat Safe’s Facebook Page.
  2. Message the Page directly about your desire to have a safety check – OR – message their Page if you have a car seat question.
  3. A technician will reply as soon as possible to coordinate your check and/or answer your question (usually within 24 hours).

It’s that easy!

Other Options

Huntsville Hospital, the Madison City Fire Department, and Huntsville Pediatric Associates also have SafeKids certified technicians available to help you install your car seats and answer questions.

Car seat installation videos HERE
Rocket City Mom’s accident story


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  • where can I get a free rear facing carseat . Im a single mom I go to shcool, n i work part time at waffle house i cant

    • Mariah –
      You should get in touch with Fran at Manna House. She can most likely help you out – 256-503-4848. It sounds like you’re a great mom!

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