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Covenant Classical Preschool & Daycare

Covenant Classical Preschool & Daycare

[sws_yellow_box]EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve been featuring local private & independent schools through our School Spotlight series for over a year now, but have recently started a new special Preschool Edition! We hope to expand this series to include more state-licensed preschools in Huntsville and Madison County, and are excited to grow our education coverage to include more options for local students & their parents. [/sws_yellow_box]

Find out more about Covenant Classical Preschool and its two Huntsville locations via our Q&A with Craig Bouvier, Director of the Research Park campus.

220 Exchange Place, Huntsville, AL 35806 | 256-837-5437
1065 Four Mile Post Road, Huntsville, AL | 256-203-4208
Facebook Page: Covenant Classical Schools & Daycare of Exchange Place
Ages of Students: 6 weeks through Kindergarten (Research Park goes through 2nd grade)
Religious affiliation: Christian–Non-Denominational

Teacher/Student Ratio: Varies, dependant on classrooms

Please describe your school’s mission
Our mission is to maximize each child’s daycare and early school experience by offering a secure and nurturing environment along with an exceptional academic curriculum, all in a distinctly Christian atmosphere.

CC Preschool

Describe a typical day for an infant / toddler / preschooler in your school.
After drop off, children are served breakfast from 7:00 – 7:50. Once breakfast is complete, our excellent staff begins curriculum, instructing children through classical education methods. Children are very active in our school. They are engaged in the classroom in multiple ways, and have outdoor time on our playgrounds at least three times a day. During the summer months, one playground session a week is replaced with fun on our sprinkler pad!

We serve lunch from 10:45 – 12:00. After lunch, children are prepared for nap time. Nap times last from 12:00 – 2:30. After nap time, we have bathroom breaks or diaper change. Children are then given an afternoon snack. Once done with snack, teachers resume instruction with skills development exercises, art, or enrichment activities. As the day winds down, children have activity time with centers or additional playground fun outside. Our day begins at 7:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm.


Are cloth diapers an option if provided by parent?
We generally approach the issue of cloth diapering on a case-by-case basis according to our teachers. Please call us at one of our campuses for questions about cloth diapering.

What kind of documentation is provided to parents at the end of the day regarding their infant?
We provide parents with a report each day that we call the Infant Daily Sheet. This sheet specifies everything about a baby’s day—foods/liquids consumed, diaper changes, naps, disposition, learning, and any supplies needed. It goes home with each baby each day.


What meals (if any) are provided by the school?
For students enrolled on our meal plan, we provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Meal plans can begin when the child is ready to consume solid foods (usually in the Infant III class).

Describe how your school deals with allergies.
All Covenant Classical Schools are peanut free zones. Allergies are handled on a case by case basis, and parents are required to communicate any food or environmental sensitivities to us in order to properly cater to the student.

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Potty Training

Do you take students who are not potty trained?
Yes, we will take children, up to 3 years of age, who are not potty trained. All children three years of age and older must be potty-trained. Beginning in our Toddler class, students are introduced to the potty in a structured format that caters to the student’s individual needs. The training is designed to proceed at the pace of each individual student.

Education Program & Admissions

What is your school’s predominant educational philosophy?
CCS leans toward classical methodology; focusing on the first stage of the Trivium, the grammar stage, which builds upon the incredible ability of children to memorize and retain large amounts of information (such as states and capitals, presidents, bible verses, and much more). Our desire is to create an environment where each child truly loves learning. This classical approach is infused with a Christ-centered worldview allowing both teacher and child to approach each part of their day actively seeking to know, glorify, and enjoy God.

Describe your admissions process.
We recommend that parents first take a tour of our facility. During the tour, parents are exposed to our school environment, our mission, and to the processes of education & care provided by all CCS schools. Parents who seek enrollment for their children must then set up an assessment to determine enrollment status and class placement.

Covenant Classical preschool


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