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LEGO Extravaganza & Giveaway

LEGO Extravaganza & Giveaway

The Tennessee Valley LEGO® Club is back at the Huntsville Public Library and better than ever! This awesome local club is presenting their 2014 Summer Extravaganza exhibit for one weekend only in the Auditorium of the Main Library. There will be all-new displays of original LEGO® creations by TNVLC club members, with working trains and towns, plus bingo, door prizes, and a stay-and-play area with lots of LEGO bricks for younger visitors.

Jennifer Garlen is President of the club and is excited about the new features of the 2014 show. “This year we’re adding several new activities, including kids’ building challenges and trivia contests, all with great prizes! We’ll also be showcasing more standalone LEGO creations in addition to the town/train layout. Guests will be able to vote for their favorites in both display categories.”

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Event Details

Tennessee Valley LEGO® Club Summer Extravaganza
Dates: Saturday, June 21 from 9-4:30 PM | Sunday, June 22 from 1-4:30 PM
Location: Main Branch Library Auditorium (map)
Cost: Tickets $5/day
More Info: Contact Sophie Young at (256) 532-2362 or visit the HMCPL Website

Win Tickets!

Rocket City Mom is giving away two Family Four-Packs of tickets to two lucky RCM readers to see the exhibit this weekend! Enter to win simply by leaving a comment on this post below telling us how your kids like to play with LEGOs. What’s their favorite set? What’s the coolest thing they’ve ever built? We’ll draw two winners on Wednesday, June 18th at Noon. (Note: if you cannot go to the show this weekend, but still want to comment, please say so – it really helps speed along the process of choosing a winner!)


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  • Would LOVE to go to this with my son. He is already such a little engineer and spends hours in his room playing with legos! 🙂

  • My kids love their Lego sets and would enjoy seeing what others build on a larger scale. Their favorite sets are the Lego Creator kits, and the best creation I’ve seen is a log cabin with hinged walls so that they could open a wall and play. It was very detailed–right down to the chicken roasting over a campfire and the LegoMan paddling in a kayak.

  • My son loves to build with Lego’s. Small things or elaborate structures. His favorite Lego’s are the super hero sets.

  • My son spends most of his spare time building or dreaming up new designs. He always builds the kit according to the instruction book the first time, but then finds ways to combine the kits and create entirely new designs. He LOVES his Legos.

  • My 6 yr old loves playing with any Lego friends set. She built the Lego Dolphin cruiser in just a couple of hours!!!

  • Both my boys love to build with Legos. They build the sets or just use their imagination all the time. This would be an awesome event to go to as a family!

  • My boys would love to go to this Lego show! They have currently combined their sets and are trying to create the best (best=biggest for my middle son, best=most symmetrically constructed for my oldest, best=tastiest for the baby)vehicle in the world!

  • My son is a huge fan of Lego’s and would live to see this. We have almost the entire Lego City line of Lego!

  • My son loves Legos. Right now he’s into the Lego Spider-Man kits but he’s wanting to help Daddy build the Millennium Falcon.

  • My 8 year old daughter and my 4 year old son love Legos! It’s the one thing they will play with together and my daughter always helps lil bro with his creations. The mostly love to build buildings and creatures. They mostly love the duplo ones.

  • I know my little guy Eli would love this! I have handed down all my building blocks and Lego sets to him. Watching his imagination explode after only a few short months of playing with them daily is such a joy. At an age of four I am blown away at how quickly he is learning and building. My sets are not the newest Super Hero or Star Wars themed but that does not stop him from playing out Super Hero “episodes”(that’s what he calls them) with Space Lego Men and Firefighters. I asked the other day why one of his men on his vehicle had no head his reply was, “That’s Batmans other super suit, the electricity one.”

  • I have a Lego crazy 7 year old that likes any set with”bad guys to fight”! He hasnt gotten into building his own creations just yet, but rather combines pieces from different ones. Will definitely be at this event!

  • My three year old is already a lego master! He’s really into the Star Wars sets and has asked for the millennium falcon and the rebel gun ship for his birthday coming up. He would be in heaven at this show!

  • This is awesome! My son loves Legos! Builds all sorts of cool stuff. My daughter likes to eat them. 🙂 she’s not even one yet.

  • My son loves to build vehicles and planes. He also has multiple Marvel super hero kits, so they get to ride along and fight crime 🙂

  • Would love to take my 9 year old. He loves to build each new LEGO set he gets and then build his own creations later.

  • My son would love to see this! He has built several sets and currently working on some sets from the Lego movie.

  • My son is 4 and just getting into building things. Would love to spark his imagination!

  • We love Legos! My daughter loves to put together sets and display them. We also have a whole organization system involving ziplock bags of sets that are labeled, and stuck in rubber made totes for easy access. Hope we get to go!

  • my son loves everything lego and star wars, so it goes without saying his favorite legos are Star Wars Legos! we would love to win the tickets to this event this weekend.

  • My boys LOVE Legos, went to Lego Land early this yr and they wanted to live there. Their current favorite is Ninjago, right now they are into space and alien theme when they are making something creative.

  • Woo! I don’t have kids, but who needs them when you can have Legos instead? I didn’t know this organization existed. Awesome.

    • The TNVLC is always looking for new members – are you a builder? Also, this show is pretty impressive.

  • We just returned from Orlando where we visited the Lego Store. The kids had a blast seeing the life-sized Logo figures on display! My son picked out a race car set, and my daughter loves playing with the Lego Friends. We’d love to see the show!

  • My oldest loves building any Legos he can before before youngest brother destroys it! But they would both enjoy going to this event.

  • My daughters are creating a dramatic story with their LEGOs right now. They combine Star Wars, Lego Movie, Friends, and other sets, and we always have to leave their creations out to play with the next day. Their favorite set is Cloud Cuckoo Palace with Unikitty. Coolest thing at the moment is a character that they made with eleven heads stacked on top of each other.

  • My 4 year old loves building Legos with her dad! He kept all of his old sets and they have had a blast recreating his old sets of Legos and creating new ones! She would LOVE this!

  • Harry, 6 yrs old, loves anything trains, and would LOVE to have one of the LEGO train sets. Unfortunately, they’re also some of the most expensive sets. So he loves going to these kinds of display events. His favorite set right now is the 3-in-1 Creator Tree House that he got for Christmas. He built the Tree House version of the set, and likes it so much he won’t take it apart to build the other houses!

  • I have 3 boys all which are obsessed with legos. Right now they are very into the Marvel collections. My 6 year old can build all of them with no help in a short period of time. Which is great but means he flies right through the packs. Then after he builds it the correct way we take a picture of it and he goes on to creating his own masterpiece. This would be perfect for my son’s and soon to be birthday boy.

  • My daughters both build with Legos! My younger daughter made a Lego Ninja Training Camp (not a kit, it was her own design) last year that won an art contest. They would love to go to this.

  • My 8 year old son loves building anything that can fly with LEGOS–planes, rockets, helicopters, space ships. He also loves all the Star Wars sets. My daughter, who is almost 6, likes the LEGO Friends, but likes building with the other kits, too.

  • My son lives to play with the technic Lego sets building contraptions that do random things!

  • My Grandson, Jayden, LOVES Legos – he was dx with sever apraxia of speech at age 2.5 and now at almost 7 he is doing very very well and has come very far – Lego’s gave/give him an outlet to express himself – even when he could not with words – his imagination is fantastic and hemakes many great pieces from his legos – his favorite is spaceships

  • My son can spend hours building exquisite things with his Legos. If I need a mommy break, I tell him to go play with his Legos 🙂 I would love to take him to this exhibit.

  • My boys lobe legos…they don’t have a favorite set they like to make their own stuff up!

  • My son loves legomania at the library every Monday! He has thousands of legos(we are lego fanatics), and will spend hours creating and building. He also subscribes to the Lego magazine and would love to have a creation featured.

  • My 6-yo amazes me with his creations! Always symmetrical, mechanical, and thoughtful. Future NASA engineer!

  • My 4 yr old daughter love LEGOS, both the new girlie ones and all my old sets from when I was kid. I love the creativity she uses to come up with building her own things and the stories she develops with her creations.

  • We love legos! Definitely taking my son this weekend but would be even more awesome if we could take the family for free! Thanks for the info. He’s just recently started branching out from following the directions to creating his own inventions. So fun!

  • We love legos! Definitely going this weekend but would be even more awesome if we could take the family for free! Thanks for the info!

  • My 3 boys play Legos every day. It’s their favorite toy! Yesterday my som built a miniature Black Pearl. They are into pirates right now. 🙂

  • My 7 yr old son LOVES Legos! we just got back from LegoLand Florida where he was in heaven. He’s been building with Legos since he was 3 years old- it was how we started him “following directions” since you just follow the pictures. Now he says I can get rid of all of his toys EXCEPT legos. He would flip out to see this exhibit. He saves his allowance/birthday/christmas money to spend on the latest sets. Right now he’s into anything Star wars. 🙂

  • my 4 year old is nuts for legos! he is doing chores to save up for a ‘mixel’ (ZORCH) and we would love to go to the local show!

  • Oh my two boys are in love with Legos! They are the only toys they play with. I know they would be so excited to go to this. They love designing their own sets.

  • All six of my kiddos love Legos. They often play with them in the afternoon, when they are listening to books I read aloud.

  • All 4 of mine love Legos! We are currently collecting the City sets, the Friends sets, and then random blocks for the younger two. I love watching how creative they get with all the blocks. 🙂

  • My son would love to go! He loves Lego’s! It doesn’t matter which set it is, he loves to make his own creations from them! I can’t say which is my favorite, because he has created so many of his own. It would be a very special treat for him if he were able to go! Thank you so much for offering the opportunity to win tickets!

  • We would love to go see this exhibit!!! My 4 year old son loves the monster truck & car Lego sets. He’s always building monster trucks with Legos. My 6 year old daughter loves the Lego friends set, especially the ones with horses!

  • My son knows the two best things about LEGOs…you can build anything you want and you can put them back together. He loves them and would have a blast at this event!

  • My son would LOVE this. He creates so many spaceships, planes, cars….well anything that goes! He got Jabbas Palace for his birthday last year and I had to make him wait 1 day before he was allowed to tear it down to create something new.

  • My boys love Legos. Any set with mini-figures is their favorite. The coolest thing they built was some of the marvel heros out of the duplo Legos.

  • Our kids love to play with the characters/people. Switching our the heads, legs , clothes and hats. They also like to build entire cities in the living room complete with aerial lift travel ways. It is so much fun to watch their imaginations at work.

  • My kids LOVE Legos! My dining room table is covered with them right now. Just got back from LEGOLAND and have new sets to construct. They love to put them together!

  • My daughter loves Legos. Her favorite thing is to take the pieces from kits & create her own masterpiece. Usually after her little brother destroys the original. They’d both love this show.

  • My child loves the Lego city and movie sets! His dream is the Brickbeard pirate ship that is over 2000 pieces!!!

  • One son loves to use his imagination with the mini-figures. The other loves building. They would love to attend this event!

  • How cool! My guys (and me!) love love love to build all kinds of things with their Legos! We have the SpiderMan sets, the Young Builders set and then a bigger box of the Legos. It gets wild in the kitchen with these things. We even lose track of time building cities and what not with everything we can. I know they would LOVE to go to this event!

  • My little guy is just getting into Legos and loves to build cars and racetracks! We’d love to go to lego event this weekend!

  • My son loves the Lego duplos. His favorite things to build are cars and tow trucks!

  • My son loves loves loves Lego’s. His favorite sets are Star Wars, Superheroes, and the new Junior packs. We would love to surprise him this weekend!!

  • My son loves building spaceships with his Dad! That is their go-to activity.

  • My son loves Legos. He likes to build creations that fill the floor of his room.y favorite was z cowboy holding a birthday cake he did for his dad!

  • My son turned 7 yesterday and has been a Lego fan for years. He has been collecting the City, Super Heroes, and recently The Lego Movie sets. He really enjoys building the 500+ piece sets now. He even spent $100 of his own money to buy the Forest Police Station. Once he starts building, it’s nearly impossible to get him to stop until it is complete. After spending 6 hours building on two sets one day, I finally convinced him to go watch some TV for a little while. LOL! He’s going to freak out completely when I pull out roughly 50 Lego sets from the 90’s – early 2000’s that his uncle left him when he passed away. Just need to get our Lego table set-up so he will stop invading all the other tables of our home. What an awesome club to have here in Huntsville!

  • My 6 and 3 year olds love Legos. Their favorite sets to build are the Star Wars sets, however, they play with the Lego City sets more often. Last summer, my 6 year old built a beach city for one of the Lego Club, Jr. magazine contests. It turned out really cool!

  • We would love to go to the Lego exhibit! Our 6 and 8 year old boys want to see Legoland someday and this would be a nice local substitute.

  • I have toddlers so they like the big legos. They would be awed by this display! My feet fear the day they start playing with the little legos though 🙂

  • Our 13 year old son is teaching our 3 year old how to build with legos. They spend hours playing and have built everything from buildings to fully functioning flashlights with legos. Plus we just had a baby girl last week, so this would be a great outing for the boys!

  • My son loves Legos and is loving the City sets right now! He will build whatever is in the set he has, but then he will deconstruct it and come up with his own creations. I think my favorite so far are the cars and planes he builds. He is super creative. He would absolutely love this event!

  • We would love to win, my son loves to build rocketships and batmobiles. We recently got my husbands old Legos out for him to play with and he had a blast!

  • We love LEGOS & the library! The boys loved making their own creations last Monday to put in the case! It would be awesome to win tickets to this event!!

  • My son loves playing with Lego characters the most, but he also gets creative & builds things that he thinks up in his head too. I love when he plays Legos. Much better than playing video games or watching TV!

  • My son LOVES to take his entire tub of Legi’s (which is quite large) and dump the whole thing out in the living room. Thousands of Lego pieces! He also has a small tub of his favorites. The best thing he built was two years ago for Mother’s Day he built me a plaque that said “I love Mom”. He is 9 now.

  • We have a Lego castle that has been “upgraded” to include a shower and expresso machine. #iloveinquiringlegominds #cantwaittogototheexpo

  • My kids love the Minecraft LEGO sets. We would love to see this exhibit.

  • My son was just explaining to me how a LEGO car (actual car) would be much more efficient and then launched into exactly how he would build this car. Apparently his use of LEGOS could be world changing 😉

  • My son loves building with legos and creating new things each time. He was a preemie when he was born and legos have given him so much use of his hands as he has grown.

  • I have 2 step children, the youngest LOVES lego’s. It would be a honor if he could come see this. We are short on money & would love to win the tickets. He loves ANY type of legos. Please consider us.


  • Our daughter is 5 and has just discovered LEGO sets. She loves them and I’m please with LEGO for introducing a line of LEGOs for girls!

  • My boys love any types of Legos and would love to go the show this weekend.

  • Ok, I guess I’m a big kid at heart! I love playing with the Legos as much as my nephews and niece do…we can sit there for hours and entertain each other!

  • I guys I’m a big kid at heart. I love playing with Legos as much as my nephews and niece do. We can entertain each other for hours!!

  • My husband, boys, and my daughter loves to keep my tables covered in Legos! This would be big family fun!

  • My 9 yr old son loves to build all kinds of cars from his Legos. 🙂

  • My three kids love Legos and play with them just about every day! Lately they have really been into making different types of vehicles then racing them. They also have several super hero and Ninjago sets! They would definitely LOVE the is exhibit! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • My son loves building with Legos. He doesn’t care for a specific set. He make Pokemon with his. He would have a great time at this Lego event!

  • We would love to take my son. He loves to build with Legos. He watching the Lego movie over and over. He would love to see this exhibit. Plus, it would be good for the full family to go and see since we build things together.

  • My oldest boy has autism and my youngest has ADHD and when they play with legos it is the most humorous and fascinating thing ever. The oldest will have a clear idea in his head and meticulously piece by piece build sound structures. My younger builds crazy nonsense that always looks like its going to fall down. Their rooms look like an architects and a circus fun house all rolled into one!

  • I would really love to win these tickets. I have two grandson who are crazy about Lego’s well three if you count my husband. Fun times for the family Thank you.

  • My grandsons love Legos! Star Wars spaceships are their favorite. I would love to win tickets to take them. Thank you.

  • My daughter loves LEGOs! She enjoys designing rooms and houses for her minifigs 🙂

  • Looks so great! Hoping we can go; our son would love it. He loves creating his own unique LEGO creations!

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