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Homemade Valentines for the Haggard Parent

Homemade Valentines for the Haggard Parent

“Pinterest Stress” is an actual thing now, especially since the New York Times wrote a piece about it and The Today Show ran a story about it and that automatically makes it true. But compile a whole list of blogs full of Pinteresty mishaps and you have an epidemic: Pinstrosity, Epic Pinterest Fail, and even Pinterest itself has gotten in on the joke.

Like many of you, I have a definite love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love the recipes, but loathe the crafts since I have nary a crafty bone in my body. I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say my crafting abilities are way inferior to that of my 1st grader.

I do realize there are lots of parents who really enjoy crafting for holidays, and I’m so glad you’re out there and volunteering in classrooms, because my kids need you. But for the rest of us Pinterest-challenged people, I give you…

Idiot-Proof Pinterest Valentine Crafts for the Haggard Parent

Rocket City Mom has a few Valentine’s Day posts and DIY crafts under our belt and we’ve shared them all on our Valentine Pinterest Board. But this post is about simplicity, so we’re doing just that this year.

Craft This, Not That

Making a lasting gift for Grandma with your preschooler isn’t about the finished product. It’s about being thoughtful and sincere. Here you have a triple winner: adorable handprint, reasons why you love Grandma, and it didn’t cost you $30 to make something that Grandma will never actually hang in her house anyway.

Cook This, Not That

Valentine’s Day breakfast can be a fun way to kick off the day with your kids, but – I’m just guessing here – I would bet the majority of us do not own a heart-shaped waffle iron. And red food coloring isn’t my favorite thing to give to my kid to ingest. And who has time to make homemade whipped cream when you’re trying to get the kids out the door to school anyway? Sure, you could do the majority of the prep work the night before, but why would you when a can of store-bought cinnamon rolls can be as equally pleasing to your little cherubs? Immaculate Cinnamon Rolls are even organic so you can feel especially virtuous and efficient.

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Give This, Not That

Give Collage
Ahhh… classroom Valentines. Between my two kids we have about 60 to make this year. One option above requires taking a decent photo in perfect light, getting the photos developed, paying for 60 photos, acquiring 60 lollipops, CUTTING A HOLE in the photos I just paid $25 for, affixing lollipops into the photos, and finally addressing each photo. None of which my kid can do himself except the addressing part. The other option involves maybe a $5 investment in white card stock by me, and kids can do 100% themselves with supplies we already have at home (construction paper & markers).

So, fellow anti-crafters, lay down your Pinterest burdens and embrace the simple. Do it with pride – take a photo of your super simple Valentine crafts and share them on our Facebook wall. Let’s take back our holidays… just make sure you have a super-crafty friend to call on when you have a real Pinterest emergency.


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