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Every Baby Deserves a Magic Bum

Every Baby Deserves a Magic Bum

If you or your baby has sensitive skin, you know there’s few things more uncomfortable as a painful, itchy rash. Diaper rash & skin irritation has plagued many local households, and when baby’s not happy, NOBODY’S happy.

  • My daughter has had a TERRIBLE rash and raw bottom since the first day she was born.
  • [My daughter’s] nose was so chapped and raw from the constant wiping with tissues that she was crying and screaming every time I tried to wipe it.
  • I’ve tried everything imaginable for my sons severe, bleeding eczema…

bum 1 Final
Aja and Russell Henderson had the same problem when their son was born. After struggling for months with their son’s constant rashes, they couldn’t find a diaper rash remedy that would work. Aja finally got fed up and decided to make something herself. She did a lot of research on natural oils for diaper rash and came up with a formula that worked! The rashes went away and didn’t come back. Russell, suggested she start selling our oil to help other parents and babies in similar situations. In April 2011, Magic Bum Naturals were officially for sale.

The secret to the product Aja makes isn’t a cream or ointment, but an oil. Magic Bum’s mission is to provide high-quality, all-natural skin soothing products at prices that are affordable for everyone. And it’s not just for babies – the oil can help soothe eczema outbreaks, bug bites, chapped lips & noses, burns, and scrapes.

bum2 final
The adorable inspiration behind Magic Bum Naturals.

As new small business owners, Aja & Russell have expanded from selling their products online to local bricks & mortar stores – you can now find Magic Bum products at A Nurturing Moment on Memorial Parkway in south Huntsville. “We love to hear success stories about how our products help babies, especially in Huntsville. Now we actually get to meet the cute little ones our products are helping. It’s wonderful to see the results firsthand.” When I asked her what was her advice to other local entrepreneurs, Aja said, “Be honest and care about the people you serve. That’s the most important thing.”

And don’t you want that kind of mantra from someone making products for your baby’s skin?


Magic Bum Naturals Website – buy them online!
Facebook Page | Magic Bum on Twitter

Don’t take our word for it – try them out for yourself! Aja and Russell are giving away a basket of goodies to one lucky Rocket City Mom reader! Enter to win some Magic Bum products below.

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  • My favorite remedy for diaper rash has been sitting my son in a tub of Luke warm water with baking soda, putting desitin on his bottom and adding the medicated baby powder to seal it. That has immediately cleared things up for him within days. But I’m always looking for more natural products and this looks awesome!

  • The Desitin ointments do a pretty good job of clearing up our rashes, but it would be wonderful to find something that does more to keep them from developing at all.

  • I already use Magic Bum and would love some more and to try the other products in the give away.

  • My child had a horrible blistery diaper rash from one week on. We tried all kinds of prescription and OTC ointments. At the same time, she was struggling to gain weight, despite constant nursing. At her eight week appointment, when she dropped weight percentages from her previous appointment, I decided to make the switch to formula (after severely beating myself up for all of the nursing issues, of course). Two days after we switched to formula, the diaper rash was GONE and never came back. I’m certainly not trying to knock the cream being advertised here. I’m sure it is wonderful and I would have tried it 4 years ago when my child was in the midst of the rash. I’m just saying that some rashes might be dietary and that is worth investigating.

  • The body magic ec works great on my husbands psoriasis and my moms eczema. I have to buy it and mail it to her in Nevada for her friends there bc they love it! I’d be so excited to try more in the line!

  • I tried it at the Bake and it is great! Love that it is cloth diaper safe, too.

  • I have a little guy who had a horrid diaper rash during his first couple weeks. We used a ground up oatmeal and water paste. It works, but I am always looking for a less messy option that WORKS! 🙂

  • I love Magic Bum! Clears a diaper rash in just a few applications. For really bad rashes, I add a drop of lavender oil directly on the bum. Works wonders and smells good : )

  • My daughter has very sensitive skin. This has been the only product I have found that works for her and our cloth diapers.

  • Aja’s products are great! My girl has never had a bad diaper rash because I use it on her with the slightest sign of red and before bedtime every day.

  • Coconut oil or tender tush. Though my babies rarely ever got diaper rash. I can count on one hand the number of times.

  • I love natural, cloth diaper friendly rash oils and butters like cjs butter

  • I would love to try these products. Luckily, we have’t had any bad cases of diaper rash, but my twins do have eczema. Coconut oil works great as does Eucerin, but these sound like a great option!

  • Both of my children suffer from eczema and while my oldest has outgrown most it I am still struggling to find remedies for my youngest. I’ve been told her fair skin makes her prone to skin problems and I believe it because she also gets diaper rashes VERY easily. We have to use a combination of things, but haven’t been successful in finding the magic item.

  • My daughter has really sensitive skin so I used a mixture of Butt Paste and Destin while leaving her diaper less whenever possible.

  • We use desitin when it gets super bad… But usually we use Burt’s Bees. That and we take more baths to avoid gratuitous wiping.

  • I have the ‘Kiss This’ chap stick and it works wonders!!!
    Its not just a cover up like almost all chap sticks that I have tried, it actually heals your lips 100%.
    Especially during these winter seasons when my lips are cracked, peeling, bleeding..I just apply the Magic Bums ‘Kiss This’ and within an hour my lips are smooth and feel sooooooooo much better!!!!

  • I love Magic Bum. My 3 year old will ask for it if her bum starts to bother her, and I don’t deny her request. I love that I am using an all natural product on my baby. I also recommend Magic Bum to any mom I can.

  • My aunt told me about Resinol salve, which is not too easy to find. I’ve found it at Probst. Cleared up first diaper rash problem following this years stomach virus. Also good on rashy drool cheeks and chin.

  • I support local businesses as often as I can. I have had the pleasure if meeting Aja and Russell. They are amazing people and parents. I would love to try out more if their products.

  • I love Magic Bum! Aja is such a sweet mama and so helpful if you have any questions.

  • I’m already a huge MB fan so of course it’s mt favorite diaper rash remedy!

  • We love love MB!! It is wonderful stuff, lasts forever and smells so amazing.

  • We are already huge MB fans and it is the only thing that will clear up my daughters rashes/irritated skin.

  • Love magic bum! Has saved us from prescriptions for my sons severe eczema. Kiss this is husband approved too. He always steals it.

  • I love Magic Bum!!! Diaper rash, eczema, burns, rashes, chapped lips – all can be fixed with Magic Bum!

  • I tried some Magic Bum at Glennis recommendation after my daughters cloth diaper rubbed a raw spot on her thigh – cleared up in less than 2 days!

  • I’ve gotten the Magic Bum original, the EC oil and the skeeter salve before. My daughter with eczema specifically requests the EC, and I love the others for how natural and gentle they are. LOVE MB!!!

  • I tried a lot of different rash creams when my daughter had constant eash from antibotics due to ear infections. The only one that worked fast and really help was Magic Bum. I love this stuff.

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