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Edu-taining YouTube Channels

Edu-taining YouTube Channels

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a geek. I’m a dork. I’m probably not the best person on the planet to tell the average person what they might “enjoy” on the internet, because my standards my sway more to the “nerd” side than the average person.


My kids are cooler than I am and their input has been garnered for the purpose of this entry. If you don’t trust me? Trust my children.

Sometimes YouTube can be a scary place. If you don’t know how to navigate, or if you start doing random searches and clicking on random thumbnails, you can end up watching the worst video content ever created.

BUT! If you have the right guide, you can find a plethora of entertaining and educational channels that you can enjoy with children of all ages.

Let’s start with CGP Grey. He does informative videos simply using graphics, no people! And they cover a wide range of topics from Coffee to How To Become A Pope. This one video about the difference/definition of The United Kingdom/Great Britain/England was super-informative. Did you know “Ireland” is a Geographic term, not a political one? WHAT the WHAT? When did I get so lazy about my geographical references? I use “Ireland” all the time instead of “Republic of Ireland” which is how I actually mean it.

My geekiest love is math. I love math more than I love coffee. And I really love coffee. The first YouTuber I ever subscribed to is a mathematician named Vi Hart and she makes great videos that also rarely show people. Well, faces anyway. Her videos focus mainly on her hands and their genius math doodles. This one about Hexaflexagons is my favorite of all time. Be prepared to have your MIND BLOWN:

While my love is math, my first college degree is in Biology, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite channels on YouTube is from a curator at a Zoological Museum. I’ve been following Brain Scoop since day one and I have already learned more from Emily Graslie’s few videos than I did during an entire semester of Zoology in college. WARNING! Emily gives a “Gross-o-meter” on her videos that tend to be more graphic in nature, like when she was skinning a wolf. I learned tons on that video, but it was not for the faint of heart. Maybe watch that one with your high-schooler.

This is her most recent video where she introduced me to the Pangolin which may be the coolest animal ever. After you watch her video, might I suggest you go watch a video of a Pangolin in action. I had to check it out after Emily explained how they walk.

Finally! My favorite of all of the Educational/Entertaining (Edutaining!) channels is SciShow because it is hosted by one of my favorite internet peeps: Hank Green of Vlogbrothers fame. The SciShow does everything from Science News roundups, to chats with scientists, to with visits from REAL! LIVE! ANIMALS! But this week? Hank tells us about a very cool/weird place called Blood Falls.

Do you have any Edu-taining videos you love? If not, just go subscribe to these channels and learn with your kids! Or just keep them all to yourself. That’s often what I do. Because, like I said, my kids are much cooler than I am.


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