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If You Got a Problem, Yo – We’ll Solve It… or at Least Try

If You Got a Problem, Yo – We’ll Solve It… or at Least Try

You wouldn’t believe the questions we get asked here at Rocket City Mom. Most of them aren’t too difficult – moms asking about local preschools or pediatricians, dads wondering where the best hiking trail for a family outing with their five year-old can be found.

Those things, we know.

But occasionally, we get a doozy, and that’s where we’d like YOU come in.

We think our readers are pretty smart (you’re here aren’t you?) and we love the sense of community you helped to build at RCM. So we’re starting up the “RCM Advice Corner” where you, Dear Readers, will be answering the questions. Whether you’re a fan of Dear Abby or Dan Savage, we’ll be relying on you to offer advice and opinions about the Problem Of The Day.

We’ll start by selecting two questions a month in the Advice Corner, and readers can advise in the comments. Who’s in?

[box style=”lavender rounded” ]Do you have a question you want to ask the masses about parenting, pregnancy, kids, fitness, career, marriage, community, or style? We want to help answer those and more – just email your question for consideration to, and feel free to submit anonymously or include your name (we’ll never use last names when publishing). [/box]

NOTE: We’ll be running these questions as an opportunity for our readers to share personal experiences, opinions, and anecdotes. As always, please do your own research before following any advice given here… or anywhere else on the web, for that matter.


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