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Getting Back In the Groove

Getting Back In the Groove

Do you hear that noise? If you listen closely, you can hear the collective cheering of moms across the Tennessee Valley. It’s ok to admit. You love you kids, but dude… How many of you are like to be in a routine and have that daily schedule of events? It is just part of human nature that we strive for homeostasis. (Google that word some time and amaze your friends.) Before summer started, you probably had a routine that all revolved around getting the kid(s) to school and then starting your day. Maybe it included time to exercise, maybe it didn’t. Either way, it is time to get back into the exercise groove.

What type of exerciser are you? Solo? Partner? Group? There are several pros and cons to each type of exerciser. The best part about going solo is you can workout wherever, whenever, and however you like. The worst part? It is touch to stay motivated and reach your potential by yourself. My advice would be to do short and intense full body workouts. For example, try this at-home fat blasting, workout you can do without any equipment that takes less than 20 minutes. You will get in 4 sets of each exercise listed.

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Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, rest 20 seconds, and then move on to the next exercise. Set a watch or a timer, to keep track. The workout is over when you reach 19 minutes. The exercises are:


Keep your abs, glutes, and elbows in tight while lowering chest first all the way to the floor. Keep your chin off your chest and breathe out to push back up. Go to your knees or use a wall if doing pushups on your toes is too hard.


Shoulders pulled back, chest proud, push your hips back, and sit away from your knee caps as you squat down. Make sure to control your descent (now is not the time to drop it like it’s hot, that comes later) and also make sure your knees stay out and don’t “cave in” towards each other.

Invisible Jump Rope

Now is your chance to be like Rocky and not trip over the rope. Mimic jumping rope and feel free to do one foot at a time, do the criss cross thing, etc…


Start with your feet together, step out about 2-3 feet with your right foot, keeping your shoulder blades pulled back, lower your left knee towards the ground, then push through your heel to come all the way to a standing position. Alternate legs each time. For the low impact version, do split squats. Step out 2-3 feet with your right foot, lower your left knee towards the ground, then push through your heel to stand back up, Repeat on that same leg without moving the right foot. Switch to the left leg in the next round.

Correct examples of lunges, Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp style!


Place your forearms on the ground with your elbows underneath your shoulders and toes on the floor. From this position, push through your forearms so your body is in a straight line. Keep your back straight and backside out of the air.

Cross Body Punches

One rule, no girly punches. Especially you dads out there. Tip- if the only thing moving on your punches is your arm, those are girly. These are angry, someone just stole your iPhone punches. Lift your right heel, pivot your right hip towards the left, and use that momentum to extend your arm all the way out, then repeat on the left.

Glute Bridge

Lay on your back, knees bent, and feet in the floor. Push your hips up and then squeeze your glute (backside) muscles the entire 20 seconds. You can make it harder by putting your hands on your head or easier by putting your arms out to the side. Another way to make it harder is to extend one leg out. If you do one leg, make sure to alternate legs each round.

If you like to workout with a partner, this workout will work as well. While one partner is exercising, the other partner is motivating and resting. Either way, use this workout as a way to get back into the routine of consistent exercise. When it comes to reaching your goals, consistency is always the key.

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