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Tapping Into the Artist in Every Child

Tapping Into the Artist in Every Child

Local business owner Colleen Cassidy-Murch and Oscar Wilde must be kindred spirits. No other example of “life imitating art” could be more true for this artist-turned-entrepreneur. Armed with her sunny disposition and warm smile, Colleen owns and operates Picket Fence Studio, and hosts children’s creative art classes for parties and groups. She also specializes in customized art and murals for nurseries and children’s rooms that feature bright colors and whimsical designs, as vibrant as Colleen is herself.

Colleen and her best work of art - her son, Camden.

When it comes to giving advice to her fellow small business owners, Colleen keeps it simple and direct: ” My biggest and most honest advice would be to pursue your passion. If you use your energy doing what you love, you will be successful – if by no other measure than you will have joy!”  As for any mom who works she has to prioritize. “I manage to make sure to stay true to my first and most important job – taking care of my family and finding a balance.”

Colleen’s studio is in historic downtown Madison and is surrounded by a white picket fence. Inspiration struck when she decided to branch out from murals and start offering group classes, and Picket Fence was born. Color and creativity are key at her workshops, and the end result is always something wonderful. “I love everything about the creative process! I love exploring ideas, and I especially love seeing children feel like they accomplished something when they complete a project and knowing that 1 hour before they had a blank canvas. I love being able to build kids confidence through something as simple as paint.”

Picket Fence Studio Art parties are great for birthdays, scouts, preschools, playgroups, church groups, fund raisers – the possibilities are vast. There are workshops for ages 5+, toddle-art (ages 2-5), and art birthday parties for ages 2-12. For parties of 10 kids, the charge is $20 per painter and includes all the materials. Colleen likes to keep groups no larger than that so all the kids can get one-on-one attention, but larger groups can be accommodated as well. She’s preparing to expand her business to include special bead & jewelry parties for girls this summer.

Don’t want to wait for a party invitation? Picket Fence also hosts workshops open at The Play Place in Madison, as well as your home, subdivision clubhouse, or Dublin Park. Have art, will travel!

My daughter LOVED the mermaid painting workshop! She attended with her best friend, and both girls have their paintings hanging in their rooms. They talked about it for days and even played “art teacher”. Can’t wait to come to another girly workshop! It really shows how much you LOVE what you do! – Deana A.

You can win a Picket Fence Art Party!

Picket Fence is offering the biggest Small Business Saturday giveaway of the year to a lucky RCM reader! Enter to win below one free in-home Art Party with the theme of your choice for up to 10 kids – a $200 value!

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  • My kids love crafts of any kind, I would love to have a keepsake art work of theirs!!

  • oh how super cute!! And near me! I will definitely be looking into this for my daughter.

  • This looks so neat! My kids both love art. What a great giveaway! It would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday in May. 🙂

    • I should have added that my son likes drawing best and my daughter loves to paint. The little one is learning to scribble rather than eat the crayons at the moment. haha

  • This is a great idea! Any one of my 5 kids would LOVE this! We love to paint, draw, color, use pastels, and acrylics at our house. We also like to use recycled magazines to turn into art projects.

  • My kids love any type of art activity. They especially like getting to create large pieces of artwork.

  • My oldest loves to draw, and paint and create anything he can, in any way he can. My youngest loves to paint and play with playdoh

  • My daughter’s bday is on the 12th of april. Come onnnnn luck! No whammies no whammies…:)

  • This sounds fun! My little one loves all kinds of art, but her favorite is drawing.

  • Drawing with crayons is my son’s favorite! My daughter is more of a sticker/stamp girl 🙂

  • My kids love all art activities, but especially painting! I would love to win the art party for my Girl Scouts!

  • My twin girls would LOVE an art party. In fact, one of them currently has a piece on display at the Huntsville Museum of Art’s Youth Art Month exhibit. 🙂

  • My children love to make bookmarks. They also love to make necklaces and to paint.

  • Painting is a big favorite. It she paints with water, mud, and of course paint.

  • This is so neat! My daughter would love this! She loves art, but I think watercolor is her favorite right now 🙂 Thanks for sharing another fun activity in the area!

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