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Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz Salon & Spa

Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz Salon & Spa

Jessyca Creasy-Hurter’s “Aha!” moment came disguised as a bad haircut on a rambunctious little boy.

She was sitting in her boutique, The Funky Monkey, when a distraught customer complained that her son (who had just gotten a terrible haircut) “looked like a ninja” and had been blackballed from just about every salon in town. Jessyca took her own girls to Nashville on a regular basis for hair cuts and fun spa days. “Why don’t I create a space right here in North Alabama to offer our community the same experiences my children and I already enjoy? It was then the idea of Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz was born!”

Most people thought she was insane when she talked about her new venture, but Jessyca’s imagination filled a void Huntsville was missing and added services to her existing business. After two years of working with the Chamber of Commerce, the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama, and various business coaches and industry experts she finally opened her doors in Jones Valley.

Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz just celebrated it’s third official anniversary, and Jessyca took some time with us to reflect back on her successes and challenges.

Spoiled Rockin’ Kids is a kids-only salon in Jones Valley.

Who does SRK serve exactly?
We serve children and families of all ethnicities, ages, and personalities. Our carefully created services and party packages are diverse enough to fit any budget and celebrate any unique occasion and all imaginations. Our doors are always open to children with special needs and unique circumstances, but we even have a special day every month dedicated solely to these amazing families.

What’s new at the salon lately?
Spoiled Rockin’ has recently revamped and introduced all new party packages, and we will also host a Spring Break Glam Kamp. Be looking out for some BIG BIG changes coming in the next few months. Also I’ve been chosen to represent Alabama on the World’s Styling Team for the largest kids styling party on the planet… at the Nickelodeon ‘s Kids Choice Awards in Santa Monica, CA on March 31st! We are sure to come back with some pretty awesome stuff for our little rockers.

What is the most challenging thing for you about owning a business?
Finding the perfect employee mix has been by far the most challenging thing for me as a business owner. I only want the best for my guests so my standards are extremely high when it comes to Team SRK.

What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?
Having creative control and always learning is my favorite thing. My days are never dull and our guests are the best ever. I love problem solving and enjoy always cooking up something new. One of my favorite quotes is “You were born an original, don’t die a copy!”

What entrepreneurial advice can you offer to other small business owners?
I am a huge advocate of the WBCNA (Woman’s Business Center of North Alabama, but it isn’t just for women there are tons of men involved there too) and their many training and networking workshops. They have an amazing program there called Fastrac New Venture. It’s a 10 week workshop that walks you through YOUR business (or dream business). It is eye-opening to potential business owners, brand new business owners, and even veterans in the business world. I graduated from the program 4 years ago, but am currently going through the program again in efforts to make my business even better. It is one night a week for 10 weeks straight and they only offer one course a quarter. You can find info at

RCM fans can try out Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz for themselves – Jessyca’s giving away to one lucky reader a Happy Haircut at SRK and bottle of kid’s shampoo. Find out what all the fuss is about and enter to win!


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  • My grandfather gave me my first bad haircut! I had bangs at the time and for some reason he decided to cut them all off aside from like 1/4 inch! I had little bangs kinda just peeking out! It was so terrible! :/

    • AHHH! I keep having this problem with Rafflecopter and I can’t figure out why. I fixed it (I think) so try again. Thanks for telling me.

  • I got tired of having bangs in junior high and instead of patiently waiting for them to grow out…I chopped them off at the scalp! It was horrific. The miniature buzz cut patch right at my hairline looked hideous for months!

  • When I was little I had my hair caught in a go cart motor and when we had it cut they cut it way to short almost looked like a boys haircut.

  • Going in to get my bangs trimmed and coming out looking like Frankenstein they were so short.

  • My hair is naturally curly/wavy. Basically, it’s just crazy all the time. When I was little, my mom took me to a lady who cut my hair super, super short (like a boy haircut) without taking into consideration the type of hair I had. Needless to say, I had a massive afro until it finally gre out. Thanks to school pictures I will always remember that hair style 🙁

  • SRK is just around the corner from our house. We’ve been meaning to check it out :o)

  • Recently got a hair cut at a local salon {I won’t say their name} and asked for layers. The gal cut my hair so short and uneven for the layers that I now will be waiting forever for them to grow out & look like layers. It looks like I have bangs all around my head!

  • I was so excited to learn about this salon! I have a 10 month old….and very nervous about her first haircut experience. Knowing there is a salon specializing in little ones makes me feel more comfortable when the time comes to make that appointment. Kudos for working with children and families with special needs as well!

  • Thank you for this story! My 2 year-old has never had a salon haircut and I really wanted to find a place that would make her feel comfortable.

  • The worst hair experience was probably when I was around 9 or 10 and my mother said she wasn’t going to do my hair anymore. Since my hair went past my bottom, I didn’t want to have to take care of it- I decided to get it cut and permed. What a mistake! To say that I looked like a poodle was probably being nice. Never again!

  • Any parent with rambunctious little ones has probably experienced one of these, but this catastrophe comes to mind. One was when my daughter fell asleep with gum in her mouth, only to wake in the morning with it in her hair. It was almost stuck to her scalp on the side and nothing would remove it. She went from having mid-length hair to a little pixie cut that was a bit shorter on one side. Thank goodness her hair grew fast!

  • I was “trying” to cut my son’s hair and he moved his head while I was buzzing his hair. Well, we had to shave it all off because of that one mishap because it wouldn’t have been even otherwise and it would have looked ridiculous. I won’t try to cut his hair ever again!!!

  • Love Spoiled Rockin’ Kids! After two totally botched haircuts on my toddler at random walk-in places, we won’t go anywhere else!

  • My most terrible hair experience was about 18 months ago…I went from really long hair to really short & she ended up butchering it…it was about 2 inches different on each side! Terrible…plus I was pregnant & hormonal…it’s almost grown back to an average length now.

  • When I was five, I decided to give myself a haircut with my mom’s pinking shears. I thought the zig-zag pattern was the coolest thing ever and wanted it all over my hair. I thought I had done a good job, but my mom freaked out. She tried to fix it herself, but couldn’t so she took me to her hairdresser. I ended up with a feathered pixie cut that was horrible. I’ve seen pictures of both haircuts, and I still think the one I gave myself was better.

  • My 4-year-old son has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder so I knew haircuts would be less than fun for all involved so I decided to just try it myself. Afraid of putting sharp scissors anywhere near his head, I grabbed the clippers and started buzzing. “Just a trim,” I thought, but when I saw the 1/8″ stubble left behind after my first cut I realized I had grabbed the wrong comb. I sobbed as I had to shave the rest of his little curls off. At least it didn’t have to be cut again for a LONG time!

  • Two years ago, just weeks before her first recital my then 3 yo decided to give herself a haircut… And not one that I could fix by myself. SRK to the rescue!

  • I got my hair caught in my mom’s kitchen aid mixer when I was little… it ripped a huge chunk out of one side.

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