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Sometimes Being a Mom is Dirty Business

Sometimes Being a Mom is Dirty Business

The following event happened a couple years ago but whenever whenever we have sick ones in the house and I start to get worn down, I think about this and it reminds me that this Mommy gig is hard but totally worth it.

We had been dealing with lots of poop at our house. A little figurative poop, and a whole lot of the real thing. My poor Reagan had a stomach bug and just couldn’t seem to get it together. Life at our house was hard.

My penny-pinching princess
Well, I spent two weeks cleaning up poop in the bathtub (GROSS!), poop on the floor, poop all around the toilet, and, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, even poop ON THE WALL (sorry if this is completely disgusting you . . . ) Some of you have been there and done this, and understand my pain! Others of you are in the thick of it with me, and ohhhhhhh, how I understand your pain too.

One morning I knew I was in for it when I turned the corner on my stairwell and could smell the poop from down the hall (with the door shut, mind you.) Sure enough, my poor baby had poop everywhere. I bathed her, changed her sheets, lathered her up with lotion, and got her dressed. As I was putting her top on, she put those grubby little hands around my face, pulled my ear close (she loves to tell secrets) and whispered, “You da best momma eeeeeeee-ber”. (Translation for all you folks not still speaking baby: “You’re the best momma ever, thank you so much for cleaning up my poop, AGAIN!”)

Some days the poop is worth it.

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  • Another one of my favorite moments is watching the boys play together. My boys are almost 4 year and 9 months. I love how excited my 9 month old gets when he sees his big brother!

  • Sweetness. Baby love is the best- thanks for reminding me to enjoy it all!

  • What’s your favorite Mommyhood Moment?

    Hearing my son say “mommy you’re the best mommy ever” he melts my heart!

  • When they climb in your lap for a hug and a kiss….just because they felt like it 🙂

  • I tell my son that I am the luckiest mom because I have him. Now I ask him why am I so lucky and he responds, “because you have me, mom”. I love it!

  • My favorite mommyhood moment. The day I delivered my 2nd son, my oldest son came into the delivery room, crawled right up into the bed, sat in my lap. Looked at me and said, “that’s my brother”, then gave me a hug and said “I love you”. Holding both my boys together. Nothing can compare to that moment.

    • That put a tear in my eye Colleen. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful mommyhood moment. 🙂

  • Hugs, kisses, seeing the way my kids are starting to actually play together (5,2,&1)
    Just knowing a little person is there to love you no matter how bad your day is going.

  • My favorite mommyhood moments now that my boys are getting older (8 & 6) is seeing them be independent but not keep mom too far away. They want to do their own thing but know where I’m at or keep me in sight or bring their Legos into the room where I am. It’s a very subtle way of demonstrating their love for me and I’m thankful for children who want to spend time with their mom.

  • gross gross lol. Somehow, after having a kid, poop and vomit got to be less gross. I’m not sure how that happens. I mean – it’s still gross if it’s other peoples’ kids 🙂 Thanks for sharing — sweet story.

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