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Thanks for the Thanks

Thanks for the Thanks

Yesterday marked exactly one year since I bought the domain and decided to actually try and turn an idea into a website. It’s been a very busy year to say the least but I have enjoyed almost every minute (I still don’t enjoy the time I spend hand-coding difficult sections of the site). It is a true labor of love and while it may eventually make money, that likelihood is slim and it will never make enough to pay for the hours upon hours it has taken to do the site. But, I never started this with the idea it would make money.

I created this site to be a resource to parents like myself who found themselves in a new city (or just a new situation) and needed information to make their lives easier. I feel like I’m doing that which makes me very proud. It’s mostly just me (and the occasional guest post) so I can’t catch everything going on in a city the size of Huntsville but I do my best. My absolute favorite thing about working on this site is all the cool, interesting, and downright fascinating moms and dads (and other folks) I’ve gotten to meet during the process.

My second favorite thing – all the kind words I’ve received from other parents thanking me for the site. Let me tell you something about myself. I work hard at whatever I set my mind to. I often take on more than I should but I always deliver. That’s just the way my parents taught me to be. I don’t expect a thank you, but it sure is nice. You, my readers, have been super nice to me.

So thanks for reading this site, thanks for sharing it with your friends, and thanks for the “Thank You”s and the “I’m so glad someone finally did this” it really means a lot.

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Also, if you ever want to contribute, please feel free to send me an email. I could always use the help!


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