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Po-Boy Factory

Po-Boy Factory

Location: 815 Andrew Jackson Way (Five Points)
Kid’s Menu: Grilled Cheese, Catfish Basket, Shrimp Basket, Chicken Nuggets, Corndogs, Cheesestix
Mom’s Thoughts: As they say on their website, New Orleans is 463 miles away and Po-Boy Factory is just around the corner. This is as close to real cajun food as you can get outside of the Big Easy and it’s very authentic. It’s also not a “fancy pants” place – at all. That said, you can certainly bring your kids and you won’t feel out of place. Don’t go expecting healthy food, most everything your children are likely to want is fried, but it is good. Kids will love the fried pickles and older kids might even be adventurous enough to try fried gator (or enjoy watching you try it). If you want juice or milk, bring your own most of the drink choices are soda. During my visits I’ve never seen any booster seats, but they do have restaurant style high chairs.

This restaurant can get crowded (it is a local favorite) and at prime times you could wait by the door or outside for more than an hour. Go early or bring something to occupy the children while they wait. Insider Tip: The restaurant next door is the same owner and the same menu so if the line is too long at Po’Boy, check them out. We did one Saturday night when my family came to visit and it was exactly the same delicious Jambalya.


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  • I’ve not heard of this place, but I love trying new things out. Will put this on my list. Is Andrew Jackson Way in Huntsville?

  • My good friend who is technically from Jackson, Mississippi but who also has a master’s from Tulane and spends every moment she can in New Orleans says the Po-Boy Factory is the real deal. She won’t set foot in Tim’s.

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