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Dragon’s Forge Cafe Serves Up a Magical Tea Time

Dragon’s Forge Cafe Serves Up a Magical Tea Time

  • Dragon’s Forge Café served up a one-of-a-kind Tea Service that our family adored!
Dragon's Forge Cafe
Dragon's Forge Cafe
Dragon's Forge Cafe
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Tea parties have been a regular occurrence in our family for a long time and we were so excited when we discovered that the Dragon’s Forge Cafe at Lowe Mill was offering them. So, we donned our best tea party clothes and embarked on a Saturday adventure to try it out. This was an opportunity for our daughter to have a real tea party experience and this RCM hasn’t been able to find another tea service in Huntsville! We booked the Empress Luna’s High Tea for Four about two weeks in advance of the day – it’s already very popular in the area.

Our Dragon’s Forge Cafe High Tea Experience

We arrived at 11:00 AM and were seated by one of the Café’s baristas at a beautifully set table. He immediately brought out a 3-tiered service tray with sandwiches (chicken salad, cucumber, and ham), scones and pastries. Then we needed to choose our tea. We selected the Seelie tea; a rooibos tea with rose hips, elderberry, lavender and rose petals. Needless to say, we got straight to it!

Pretty tea set!

The Food

Everything was delicious. We all felt so fancy having tea from a real tea-pot, using a matching sugar bowl and creamer set. There was certainly plenty for our small group. I booked the party for 4, even though our group was only three. I wanted to ensure that we had enough for everyone. We received one pot of tea with our reservation, and that served about 6 cups of tea. With the three of us, it was more than enough; 4 would have been tight. There was plenty to eat, though, we took a box home (an entire serving of sandwiches, scones and pastries). The Café’s website says that they will work with you on your party’s size when booking.

The tea time spread

While we were having luncheon (still being fancy now), a local harpist, Steven Todd Miller – The Alabama Harpist, began playing very relaxing music. When we listened a little more closely, he was playing songs we knew! He played a couple of favorites “Let it Go” and “Beauty and the Beast.” We asked the Café if he was a regular, and it happens that he’s only there about once a month. We had some luck of the dragon that day!

Dragon's Forge at Lowe Mill
Dragon’s Forge chandelier

The Ambiance

The atmosphere at the Dragon’s Forge Cafe was very relaxed. The people that were having their morning coffees around us were all quietly talking. There were chandeliers and beautiful decor against the background of Lowe Mill’s industrial underpinning. The industrial backdrop just melted away like our scones in the tea. We enjoyed our visit so much. It was lovely to get out on a Saturday morning and be among people and enjoy a treat.

The Dragon’s Forge Café is open Wednesday through Saturday; 11 am – 7 pm. Tea Services are available through their website for booking.

Parent Pro Tips

  • Dragon’s Forge requires a reservation for their Tea Service. So, you’ll need to plan your visit in advance for a full Tea Service, but a pot of tea is on their regular menu if you just want to stop in.
  • I recommend this experience for older children (5+). Little hands will be all over their décor and also they don’t have changing tables in their restrooms.
  • Despite the feel, this isn’t really a full-service restaurant. While the barista did bring our food and tea to the table, you’re expected to help yourself.

Dragon’s Forge Cafe

Address: 2211 Seminole Drive Sw, Studio 2073, Huntsville, AL 35805 (map)
Located on the second floor north of Lowe Mill
Cost: Tea for four ranges from $35-60
View Website | Dragon’s Forge Cafe on Facebook | Instagram

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