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Give Mom a Poem for Mother’s Day

Give Mom a Poem for Mother’s Day

Poetry is the perfect gift – you don’t have to have any money to give it, but good ones require a lot of thought and creativity. We encourage you and the kids to pick up your pencils and start going with the flow… of words that is! Moms and grandmothers will be delighted and it’s something she will cherish forever.

Perfect, Mom

So you want to be a perfect mom,
Kids behave and body the bomb,
Look at families on sitcoms,
“I think we can be that awesome.”
It doesn’t ever work that way,
Every mom has a bad day,
Yell at kids, don’t want to play,
Unable to find sage things to say;
Just realize that that’s okay,
Those shows get cancelled anyway.
If you want to be the best,
Just be you and nothing less,
Kiss boo boos and help them dress,
Accept they’ll make occasional mess,
Perfection’s fiction and, more importantly,
There’s no one-size fit for every family,
And you fit perfectly in yours.
Perfect, Mom. Need I say more?

Beach Body

What’s a beach body?
Like the beach? Have a body?
That’s a beach body.

School Day Morning

Alarm goes
Eyes open
Eyes close
Alarm goes
Eyes open
Eyes close
Wake up
Rub eyes
Make up
Brush teeth
Wake kids
Make coffee
Wake kids
Make lunches
Wake kids
Too quiet
Wake kids
“Get dressed,”
You say
They start
To play
Then fight
Be quick
One asks,
“Can I be sick,”
Roll eyes,
“Teeth brushed?”
“Not yet.”
Gotta rush
Out the door
Miss bus
Try not
To cuss
To car
Peel out
Kids squeal
And shout
Pull up
Out of time
To the office
Gotta sign
Get the kids
Tardy pass
In judgment
Another mom gasps
You realize
You’re in PJs
Shrug, oh well,
It’s one of those days
Happens to us
School day mornings
Aren’t they fun?

Girls Girls Girls

When I was but a young lad,
Of a house full of females I dreamt;
Now I’ve grown up and become a dad,
This isn’t quite what I meant.
Two girls who live to fight
Each other tooth and nail,
Bedtime is a chore each night,
One I often fail,
Then, the fact I did not believe
The fairer sex could be so gross,
But after potty what they leave
Sure don’t smell like a rose.
So, yes, I got my house of girls,
And it’s not quite what I expected,
But I wouldn’t change it for the world,
This house can’t be perfected.

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