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Rolling with the Punches

Rolling with the Punches

This is not what I had originally planned to write for this month’s column. I was contemplating a post on summer fashion or maybe a Part 2 to last month’s “To Blog or Not to Blog”. But life happened, as it often does, and instead today I am going to talk about staying flexible. Don’t panic, this is not a fitness post. Believe me, for a former yoga instructor I am embarrassed at my downward facing dog right now. It resembles more of a downward facing armadillo.

No today I am speaking metaphorically… rolling with the punches, if you will. My husband recently told me that I did not react to the unexpected very well. My mom concurred. After my initial sulking, I realized that they were right. I do not handle changes in my schedule very well, and if they are last-minute? Well, forget it.
[sws_pullquote_left]Somewhere along the way I went off the rails. [/sws_pullquote_left] When did this happen? When did I become such a rigid person? I think that for some of us, new parenthood is very scary. I suddenly felt like I had no control over anything in my life. So when I established a schedule with my son and finally had a routine, I stuck to it. Nothing was going to deviate from that routine. NOTHING. And it is comforting to the small ones – I am a firm believer that kids like structure and routine. They like to know what is coming. But somewhere along the way I went off the rails.


My reaction to the unexpected became overblown. And when you are a parent, sometimes you have to fly by the seat of your pants. Sporting games are rescheduled, school events pop up, and sometimes you find yourself searching through the shoes section at Old Navy ten minutes before closing because your son forgot to tell you that tomorrow is pajama and slipper day. We have to roll with the punches. Life is full of changes and we never know what tomorrow will bring. I can coordinate and schedule until the cows come home, but ultimately God is the one with the plan that counts.

A big change for me is that I recently returned to work. My youngest will be starting kindergarten in the fall so it was time. I took a position with the Redstone Rocket newspaper at Redstone Arsenal and it has been an adjustment for the whole family, but such a blessing. Having the opportunity to share the stories of the people that work to make our country safer and stronger is an honor.

Now that I am a working gal again, our whole routine has changed. Maybe dinner is not ready on time and that load of laundry sat in the dryer overnight, but that is okay. I am a firm believer in that we moms need to give ourselves a break. And sometimes that means setting the schedule aside and just taking a moment to breathe.

Unfortunately, as part of my new embracing of change, I have to say goodbye to Not Before My Coffee. With a husband who travels with his work, a new job, the looming summer school vacation, and two kids who never met an activity that they did not like, my carefully structured life is not so regimented anymore.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank the lovely editors here at RCM. I have learned so much in the last two years. And thank YOU. It is my firm belief that our readers are the best out there. Believe me, there are some crazy yahoos on the internet. This bunch is top-notch. Thank you for reading.

And if you see me wandering around the Arsenal looking as if I am lost, I probably am. Please take pity and stop to give me directions.


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