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Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp

Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp

I’ve never been much of a morning person, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp when I tried it out last year for a few weeks. It takes something pretty special to drag me out of bed before 5AM, and to be excited about it? Now that’s just crazy talk! At the time it wasn’t in the cards financially for me to commit to continuing, but memories of boot camp sat in a corner of my head begging for another go around. I would often go to the website and see pictures of all these women looking happy and having fun while getting fit and longingly wish I could be one of them. I was utterly shocked on Christmas Eve when I opened a gift certificate from my husband for “One Whole Year of Boot Camp Awesomeness”. My immediate excitement was followed momentarily by the thought that he might be trying to kill me with those early mornings. But the memory of how much fun I’d had assured me I’d be happy to get up that early, because Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp really is that good!

Enter the “No Boredom” Zone

It’s a bit hard to describe a “typical” boot camp workout, because after attending three months of camp we’ve never done the same workout twice. That’s a big part of why it is so easy to stick with it too. The boredom factor is zero! The repetition and lack of excitement that so often plagues fitness classes is delightfully missing from boot camp. Being outdoors in the fresh air perks up my spirits every morning, and also allows for a wide range of activities and varying equipment that would be hard to match in your typical class inside a gym.

[sws_pullquote_left]The atmosphere at HABC is truly second to none. The camaraderie and encouragement makes it feel more like a family gathering than a class. [/sws_pullquote_left]Every class begins with a dynamic warm-up that gradually builds in intensity. By the time the meat and potatoes of the workout begins, you body is limber, your muscles are ready for action, and quite probably you’ve had a good laugh or two at something instructor Joe Martin has done or said. The atmosphere at HABC is truly second to none. The camaraderie and encouragement makes it feel more like a family gathering than a class. Joe’s sense of humor keeps things lighthearted and fun, and somehow an hour passes by and you’ve done a rigorous workout without moaning and groaning…Ok, maybe we do complain a bit when he makes us do burpees. Whether we are alternately working our core muscles and sweating out a variety of cardio moves, or busting our butts with a day of glute & quad training, you can be sure the energy level will be high and the positive attitudes will be contagious. Over the course of the week, the more focused daily workouts will coalesce into a full body experience that gives each muscle group its due attention. You can expect to be sore your first week at camp, but after your muscles get that initial wake-up call the soreness is minimal most days. I find that it’s usually just enough to remind me throughout the day that I’ve gotten a great workout in and encourage me to continue making healthy choices.

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.

I’ve had people ask me “Is boot camp really hard core? I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up.” Well, it’s not like we are crawling through mud under barbed wire fences, but yes, the workout is intense. One great thing about boot camp is that Joe customizes every single exercise to your own fitness level. The progressions and regressions he offers allow you to make each activity more or less difficult depending on what you are ready for, or to allow you to accommodate an injury. My boot camp sisters come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities, and Joe doesn’t leave anyone behind. If you are a marathoner who is in peak shape, you will be challenged by boot camp and you will take your fitness to the next level. If you have been hibernating on your couch with one hand in a chip bowl, you will be welcomed, encouraged, and will gain the confidence necessary to see yourself in a new light and incorporate this healthy change into your life.

Joe Martin, Lover of Fitness and Bacon
Joe Martin, Lover of Fitness and Bacon

Joe’s commitment to making sure everyone gets results extends beyond the actual boot camp workout. As a boot camper you will receive a daily newsletter that offers everything from nutrition tips and recipes, to excerpts from research articles and best practices from across the personal trainer world. Special meal plans are also available for those wanting to jumpstart their weight-loss goals. Joe also welcomes visitors who want to come give the class a try and see if it is right for them. Just call or email him to set up a trial workout.

I’ve come to think of boot camp as more of a positive lifestyle change than simply as a class. The fantastic, body-enhancing workouts are just what draw you in. The fun, friendships, results, and improved confidence are what convince you to stay! A new month of boot camp starts Monday, April 22. With all of the different times and locations available (Madison peeps – you have an evening class now!), there is certainly one to fit your schedule. So as you peruse your favorite websites trying to decide how to spend your tax return, forget those impractical wedge heels, they won’t be comfortable anyways; head over to and splurge on a slimmer, stronger, healthier you. You’ll be so happy you did!


Locations:  Huntsville (5:30AM, 8:30AM,5:30PM) and Madison (5:30AM, 5:30PM)
Phone:  (256) 468-7146
Childcare:  Not available. Go while the kids are still asleep!
Cost:  Varies with enrollment plans (3, 4 or 5-day a week options available). Discounts are offered for purchasing 3 months of boot camp (15% off), a one-year membership with monthly payments (25% off), and a one-time lump sum payment for a year of unlimited boot camp (40% off). Additional details and registration information can be found online at


Wanna experience Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp for yourself? See what all the fuss is about by entering to win a full four-week camp at the new Madison 5:30PM bootcamp (meeting at Horizon Elementary).

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