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Making Halloween a Family Affair

Making Halloween a Family Affair

Lately, I feel like all I do is fight with my four-year-old. She’s acting out more than a normal preschooler (which is saying something) and I know it’s because she’s adjusting to being a big sister and all the changes in our family. I’m trying to be patient and understand where she’s coming from, but it’s not a lot of fun to constantly be at odds with your child. Which is why I am REALLY excited about Halloween this year.

Curious George, the Man in the Yellow Hat, and Professor Wiseman

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do something silly and fun as an entire family. We’ve already spent weeks talking about possible costume ideas and with each new incarnation, you can practically see the bulbs light up in my daughter’s head. She gets super excited just thinking about the possibilities. In my ideal world, we’d find a theme and the whole family would dress together but I’m not holding my breath. We’ve only managed to do this once and that was before my daughter had a say in what she was going to be. I like the creative challenge of coming up with a theme to go with her latest costume choice – she wants to be a princess so Daddy can be the prince, Mommy can be the fairy godmother and the baby can be…the pumpkin?

Regardless, it’s fun to get on Pinterest and be inspired by some truly epic family costumes. Check out our Halloween board to see even more costumes as well as great ideas for Halloween party dishes, crafts to enjoy with your kids and more!

My favorite part of this family ensemble is the marshmallow riding in a flaming wagon!


I feel like this might actually be doable and with my three-month-old it might be one of the few costumes that would allow us to be a part of the trick-or-treating regardless of when and if she decides to nap in the middle of our outing.


This one is my favorite mostly because it’s just such a WONDERFUL movie and it seems actually totally achievable. Now, I want to go watch that movie again.

[box type=”success”] What’s your family doing for Halloween this year? Group costumes or just let the kids do what they will? What’s the best “group” Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?


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