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A Spooktacular Table: No Bones About It

A Spooktacular Table: No Bones About It

While browsing Pinterest, I came across a bone table created by Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, unlike Martha, I have never been able to round up some minions and, since I’m not allowed near sharp tools and couldn’t figure out what a double-threaded screw was, her version was out. Happily, with a little modification, even the minion-less and uncoordinated amongst us can have a spooktacular side table.

Supplies Needed

Bones—4 leg bones , 4 feet, 2 hands and 1 skull
1 Wooden dowel stick
Acrylic paint
Wood glue
A drill
Wood table top
Hot glue or super glue
Adult supervision

The cheapest bones I found were at Wal-Mart. I purchased two $10 bags of bones. The pieces I didn’t use, I added to an apothecary jar display. My table top was purchased at Home Depot.

The first step was to attach the legs to the table top. This is where you need adult supervision or someone who’s allowed access to power tools. My husband widened the holes already in the bone and cut a dowel stick long enough to stick out about an inch. If you’d like your table to be taller, you’d need to attach two leg bones to each other using similar steps. He then drilled four holes in the table top and stuck in the dowel sticks and bones. To fill in any gaps, I used wood glue. To smooth everything out, I did sand it all a little bit but you don’t necessarily need to.

Before we decorated.

Once the glue was dry, I painted the top and sides of the table. I mixed a darker gray with some white to get the color desired. After that dried I attached the feet using hot glue. Depending on your bones, the feet may not fit in exactly. I had to squeeze mine a bit and hold them tight until they were dry. I decided how I wanted the hands positioned, attached them with a little hot glue and used more hot glue to attach the skull to the hands.

Helga has some magic brewing.
What to do with your table? Our witch, Helga, just needed a spot to place her cauldron so she could easily welcome guests to her lair, I mean our home. If you want to creepify a cheap cauldron, I suggest Great Stuff Expandable Foam. We used it to create the “boil and bubble” bit and then spray-painted the foam neon green. A little warning with Great Stuff—you need to be prepared to use the whole can at once, it does take a little time to “set” and it expands a little more as it dries. Since we didn’t use the whole can for the cauldron, I used the rest to fill in a vase as a base for lighted branches. (Due to not reading the instructions beforehand, my daughter and I spent quite a bit of time standing in the garage holding branches in place waiting for the foam to set.)

I wish you all a happy Halloween! Any questions? Want to share your creepy creations? Sound off in the comments!


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