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What I’ve Lost and Gained

What I’ve Lost and Gained

I finished four weeks of Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp and I accomplished my primary goal – NOT THROWING UP! It wasn’t always easy and there were a couple close calls, but once I learned what I should and shouldn’t eat at five in the morning (oatmeal/banana) I was good. Despite being a very anti-morning person, I enjoyed myself and frequently caught myself looking forward to class. I guess the truest testament to the class is that I signed up for the next session. I just don’t feel like my journey is done yet.

When you commit to an exercise program like this, it’s hard not to look at the numbers and use it as a gauge of how you did. By the numbers, I lost 2 inches in my waist and 6 pounds. Not awe inspiring but I’m happy with it and it isn’t all I’ve lost.

I’ve lost excuses: no time, no energy, no athletic ability. What I’ve gained: a belief in myself and my ability to retrain my body, friends who know what a burpee is and why it is to be dreaded, time for myself that is for me and no one else.

They might not be record setting numbers but I’ll take those stats.

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