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It’s Not All About Vomiting

It’s Not All About Vomiting

Over the past few weeks, I have met a lot of women who read this blog and are following my Bootcamp Adventure closely. The #1 comment they all have, “I don’t want to do anything that hard and I definitely don’t want to throw up.”

The fourth or fifth time I heard that I realized that perhaps I have emphasized the vomiting factor too much.

The reality is that not only have I not thrown up but NO ONE in our class has thrown up. Let me reiterate that – NO ONE HAS THROWN UP. I’m not saying that throwing up at bootcamp is a fluke. I’m sure it happens, but no one in this program is pushing you to that point except yourself.

Bootcamp is hard, that’s the idea. If you have signed up for something called “Bootcamp” you are expecting to be pushed, maybe to your limits. But this is also an exercise program aimed at women and many of them are middle-aged or older. Joe Martin, owner and creator of Huntsville Adventure Bootcamp, understands we are not looking to be yelled at or belittled, we are just trying to get in shape. Joe understands what women want in an exercise program, in turn he wants to be successful. Therefore, the camp is geared to push us but to make it fun and it just so happens that Joe is a funny guy.


This is a picture of Joe Martin.


Does This Look Like a Guy You’d Be Scared Of?

He doesn’t exactly strike fear in your heart does he? And while Joe is a fun guy, he can also be EXTREMELY motivating. It was his post on 9/11 that convinced me to get my lazy butt out of bed and start this program. Those who know me well, including my friend Lisa who got me to join the Y but could rarely get me to go, can attest to the fact that he is practically a miracle worker for that reason alone!

It’s a good combination – fun and motivating- and one that translates to the camp itself. I’m having fun despite the fact that I’m sore.

Just the other day as I was laying on my back doing “corkscrews” I realized that I felt really good, I felt strong, and I felt proud of myself.

I like that feeling.


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