Valentines for the Craft-Challenged Mom

Have you ever felt as if all of the other moms are crafting geniuses, while you can barely sew a button back on a sweater?  I remember my son’s first Valentine’s Day in preschool.  I had taken him to the store to pick out the miniature cartoon-themed cards like we exchanged back in the eighties not that long ago when I was a kid.

When I picked him up from school that day, his backpack was stuffed with all sorts of Valentine’s goodies—personalized cards, treat bags, handmade baubles.  I realized that I had dropped the ball.

I know that it is not a competition.  Let’s face it, he was three.  It is not like he will be telling his therapist in twenty years that his intimacy issues stem from a mother who served store-bought cupcakes for his birthday.  I did feel like I missed an opportunity, though.  I actually do like to craft.  I am just not very good at it.  I like to gift wrap and make party favors and spray paint random items in my house.  When it gets to the advanced projects is where the drama begins.  Painting stripes on curtains is beyond my expertise.  And let me tell you, Gorilla Glue is EVIL.

The good news is that now Pinterest is here for all of us crafting-challenged moms.  If you are searching for fun ideas for Valentine’s Day, look no further.  These are some of my favorites from my valentine ideas board.


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[The Fry Family Blog]


[Anything But Perfect]

image[The Kid’s Fun Reviews]


[Martha Stewart]


[Sweet Tooth]

All of these projects and more are just a mouse click away.  Not on Pinterest?  What are you waiting for?  Pinterest is still operating in an open-beta stage and is invitation-only, but any user can issue invitations. If you would like to try it out for yourself, drop me an email, and I will shoot you an invite.

Happy Pinning!

For even more great (and easy) V-Day ideas, check out the Rocket City Mom Valentine’s Board as well!