Social Media Tools and Resources

Social Media Tools & Resources


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Facebook Tools

FB Events – if you’re not already using this tab, start ASAP to help promote sales, special offers, events, and more!
FB Video – upload videos straight to FB to please their hungry algorithm. You will be rewarded with higher reach
FB Debugger – tired of wonky links that don’t display graphics correctly? Debug it!
FB Pixels – very targeted ad tracking; see tutorial here

Twitter Tools

TweetDeck – set up feeds & monitor conversations
HashTracking – tracking hashtags & campaigns
Tagboard – track & monitor branded & non-branded hashtags
Periscope – live Twitter video feed

Instagram Tools

Later – Instagram scheduler
Legend – easily animate text over images
Boomerang – make GIFs with camera
Hyperlapse – time lapse videos
Layout – combine multiple photos into single image
Studio – easily design layouts and add text for IG on phone
WordSwag – text layovers on photos
Regram – repost app for Instagram

Analytic Tools

Google Analytics
Facebook Insights – use this to identify what’s working for you and your competitors as well as best time of day for you to post. – use these small urls to track success of various campaigns.
SumoMe – Google Analytics on page as well as tools for building email lists.
Tailwind – Pinterest scheduler & tracker
Later – Instagram scheduler & analytics

Video Tools

Picflow – turn your phone photos into videos with music
Splice – easy video editing app from your phone
Periscope – Live streaming Twitter video
Nutshell App – mini-movies with photos & text
Candidio – smartphone video production; you shoot, they edit for you

Identifying Audience

Pew Research Center Internet – detailed statistics regarding demographic usage of social media and internet.
ManageFlitter – Can be used to track twitter followers and search for potential connections.

Where to Go When You Have Questions

Social Media Examiner – all around expert advice.
Mari Smith – Facebook
Jon Loomer – Facebook Ads
Peg Fitzpatrick – Pinterest
Molly Marshall – Instagram
Ann Handley – Creating great content
RazorSocial – Tools and Technologies

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