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Royalty Funnel Cakes Expand their Tasty Reign

Royalty Funnel Cakes Expand their Tasty Reign

Kenya Congress prepares her funnel cakes with a variety of toppings including chocolate syrup, sprinkles and more at Royalty Funnel Cake.

After humble beginnings as a non-profit fundraiser in the Shoe Carnival parking lot in Decatur, the funnel cake queen is expanding her kingdom into the Rocket City with a second Royalty Funnel Cakes location.

Kenya Congress is the queen over the funnel cake kingdom, and said the newest location is not something she could have ever imagined happening when she first got started. She said what began as a fundraiser for a non-profit that housed homeless women and children quickly turned into a high demand commodity in Decatur and the surrounding areas. After meeting someone that said she could sell her funnel cakes in their store front, Congress began the first step of her sweet journey.

“I went in there broke. I didn’t even have a fryer. She sold funnel cakes in the park sometimes, so I used her fryer, her meat, her everything to get started and it’s just been going ever since. We were Funnel Cake Queen and we got to the point that we were going to franchise and we didn’t want discrepancies with names, so we changed the name and I think it fits us even better,” Congress said.

The new Huntsville location, located off University Drive is set to open March 5 with the same fan favorites that people travel from all over to eat. Perhaps even more important to Congress, is the fact that the new location will have the same heart for serving the community.

Congress has been known for her giving spirit. Founded from those early beginnings as a non-profit fundraiser, the business continues to give back. Despite starting the business right at the height of COVID, Congress managed to support her community and neighbors that were unemployed through her new venture. She said the company continues to give back every quarter because it’s something that she feels led to do.

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“I want to be the person that I needed when I needed someone. It’s not a certain cause that’s close to me, it’s just the cause itself. The giving is something that we should all be doing in some form or fashion!” Congress said.

As she enters into new territory with her franchises, Congress said that spirit of giving is a requirement for every new location. Despite being hotly sought after, she said she agreed to branch out to Huntsville first because she feels it is a location that she can serve.

“I don’t want to move too fast, but at the same time I want to go in the direction that I am needed. I know it’s a restaurant and it makes money, but at the same time I feel like it needs to be needed in that place and in Huntsville we can help out that community and impact that community,” Congress said.

Strawberry cheesecake is a popular choice among customers at Royalty Funnel Cakes.
©Royalty Funnel Cakes

Grand Opening

Congress will be celebrating the new location with a ribbon cutting, giveaways and a DJ.

Date: March 5 at 11 a.m.

Address: 6241 University Drive, Huntsville

“I had some scissors made with Royalty Funnel Cakes and More engraved on it and I had them engrave it with Huntsville and the date because I just believe in my heart that there are going to be some more that we are going to be putting on there.”

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Royalty Funnel Cake Details

Address: 6241 University Drive, Huntsville (Map)
Hours: Monday – Friday | 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.
View Website | Facebook | Instagram

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