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Go On a Hunt for These Artistic Huntsville Murals!

Go On a Hunt for These Artistic Huntsville Murals!

Dustin Timbrook huntsville AL artist Koi Fish mural

Huntsville is not only a place for rocket scientists and engineers, but a city full of creative artists with fun murals spread throughout for us to discover and enjoy. Whether you are brand new to the city or have never branched out, this tour of local murals can help you discover the unique and creative side of Huntsville while having fun with your family. How many can you find together? It’s time to go on a mural hunt!

Get the Map of Huntsville Murals!


3414 Governors Dr SW, Huntsville (map) | View Website
Dedicated parking lot. Stop in the Food Garden for photo opts and a selection of amazing food and drinks.

Find these murals in the Food Garden:

  • Comfortably Swanky Couch
  • Trumpet

Head towards The Shed and the restrooms to find:

  • Don’t Forget to Play
  • Westside Huntsville One Love

comfortably swanky mural at Stovehouse huntsville

Straight to Ale at Campus 805

2610 Clinton Avenue Huntsville (map) | View Website
Head to the patio of Straight to Ale, walk out into the green space beyond the patio towards Yellow Hammer and then turn around and look!

Mural at Straight to Ale Space Is Our Place Huntsville Alabama

Whole Foods Huntsville

2501 Memorial Parkway, Huntsville (map) | View Website
There are many food options in this shopping center such as Farm Burger or Local Taco if you want to grab a bite while you’re here.

Park in the parking garage to find:

  • The red bridge/Cotton/Saturn 5
  • Flowers/pillars/Ditto Landing

whole foods huntsville mural cotton field


Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment Complex

2211 Seminole Drive, SW Huntsville (map) | View Website
While you are at Lowe Mill, stay for Huntsville’s own Piper & Leaf original location, sample sweets at local chocolatier, Pizzelles Confections, or grab a popsicle on the second floor at Suzy’s Pops.

On the outside of the Lowe Mill building find these murals:

  • Crayon Box
  • Turtles
  • Dinosaurs
  • Abstract

Lowe Mill crayon mural Huntsville AL

Hidden within Lowe Mill find these bonus Huntsville murals:

  • Monkey in the elevator
  • A Big Boot (on the way to the secret pizza window)

Lowe Mill boot mural huntsville AL

Downtown Huntsville Murals

200 Church Street, Huntsville | View Website

Within Big Spring Park East – towards the big set of steps find:

  • Welcome to Huntsville/Park
  • Koi Fish Mural – turn left just before the Welcome to Huntsville mural and take your first right
  • 19th Amendment Mural on Washington Street

Huntsville mural Rocket City

On the back of the building on the corner of 201 Washington Street and Holmes you find a mural with both metal and paint mural: (map)

Galaxy mural on Washington Street in Huntsville AL

Find the building on the corner of 218 Randolph you’ll find an interactive mural, really a 3-in-1 depicting a bicycle, a bouquet of balloons, and wings about to take flight (map):

balloon mural on Randolph Street in Huntsville

Walk to nearby Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria on the south side of the square for lunch/dinner!

Finally, don’t miss the Color Walk Alley downtown. Five artists came together to create this multi-paneled public art in Huntsville!

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19th Amendment Mural – 112 Washington Street, Huntsville 35801

More Huntsville Murals

Whitesburg Drive, Huntsville (map) | View Website

Find this “Love You to the Moon & Back” mural at the side of car wash next to Interiors of Consign. You’ll be nearby Roosters Crow Coffee shop and the beloved Big Foots Little Donuts if you need to stop for a snack!

Love You to the Moon and Back Mural Huntsville AL


Bonus Off the Beaten Path Art:
On your drive on 65 North towards Athens you’ll find on the right just off the highway on an abandoned trailer is a very descriptive single word done in graffiti art: “MOIST“. Keep a sharp eye out and you’ll follow this tag and more like it all the way from Birmingham to Nashville!

We do not recommend stopping and taking a picture, but if you are the passenger, take a pic while you are driven by and show your driver.


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