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Huntsville business offering support classroom for parents seeking assistance with virtual school

Huntsville business offering support classroom for parents seeking assistance with virtual school

Parents all across the Tennessee Valley face tough choices when it comes to the 2020-2021 school year and there are many families who are feeling the stress of trying to make the “right” decision. Numerous parents have noted that while virtual school sounds great in theory, practically speaking it doesn’t always make sense for working parents. One local business is here to help and potentially make that option easier.

Huntsville STEAMworks has offered summer camps, school break workshops, and homeschooling classes for several years now but this weekend they unveiled their newest offering – a Distance Learning Support Classroom. This classroom environment, located in their studio at Lowe Mill, offers support for students who are using any of the virtual learning programs offered by area public schools. “We want to be clear,” said Operations Director Robin Beckham. “This isn’t a study hall, our instructors are there for support. If kids need extra help we’ll be there to provide individual assistance and help them complete their assignments.”

STEAMworks will have room for a total of 48 students who will be divided up into four classrooms with a max of 12 students and 1 instructor for each. The program is open to all grades K-12 and students will be expected to maintain a quiet learning atmosphere.

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Will there be masks?

Masks are required while inside but there will be scheduled breaks and downtime outside for all ages. When asked about mask use with younger students, Beckham referenced STEAMworks summer camps where masks were also required and noted, “I was actually surprised but we had much less trouble with K-5 campers than we did with middle and high school aged campers in terms of wearing them correctly and keeping them on all day. The younger kids did exceptionally well.”

Interested parents can attend an open house on July 24 from 6-8PM. Attendees will be able to chat with instructors, see the facilities as well as the Covid-19 safety procedures first hand, and ask any questions they may have about the program.

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Even families who aren’t interested in this classroom option might want to check out STEAMworks upcoming Computer Foundations course for grades 3-5 which takes place the first week of August. Students will practice and build computer skills such as typing fluency, evaluating online sources, practicing internet safety, and using common computer softwares, all skills which will come in handy for both virtual and traditional school options.


Cost: Full day is $3,510 per semester to be paid $195/week; Half-day and partial week options also available
Grades: K-12
Where: Lowe Mill, Studio 1039
More Info & Registration


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