Childbirth Classes in Huntsville

The birth of your child is the moment that you anxiously wait for the entirety of your pregnancy – the grand finale to all the work and sacrifice that you’ve made leading up to this moment. Much like every other aspect of pregnancy though, it’s best to have a plan and make some preparations ahead of time. Luckily childbirth classes abound in Huntsville, and there’s plenty of great options to help you get ready for the big moment.

Childbirth Classes in Huntsville

Despite what popular movies like to depict, labor and delivery doesn’t have to be a horror movie scene. Whether you’re looking for a medicated or unmedicated birth, hoping for a VBAC, planning a c-section or just wanting to prepare for everything, there’s a class for you.

Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children Classes

Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children offer childbirth classes online and in person. The classes can be taken over a single weekend or spread out over 4 Thursdays. Class covers the birthing process, pain management, procedures for labor, newborn characteristics, and postpartum care.

In addition to childbirth classes, Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children offer breastfeeding classes, parenting classes, and a Boot Camp for New Dads class.

Crestwood Maternity Center

Crestwood Maternity Center offers an online and in person four-week prepared childbirth class. The class covers birth planning, a healthy pregnancy, learning about labor and delivery, signs of labor, comfort measures, interventions, postpartum care, and newborn care. There is also an option for a one day workshop as well.

Crestwood Maternity Center also offers newborn care classes, breastfeeding classes, and gestational diabetes education classes.

Alabama Birth Center

The Alabama Birth Center offers a five hour childbirth education class. The class cost $250 per couple and covers the physiology of birth, comfort measures for labor, building a birth plan, pain management options, and more.

The Alabama Birth Center also offers a breastfeeding class, pumping class, and free prenatal and postpartum support groups.

A Nurturing Moment

A Nurturing Moment schedules birthing classes as needed. They offer a 10-week Comprehensive Birth Boot Camp. The class covers diet, exercise, process of birth, coping strategies, birth plans, medical choices, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and more.

A Nurturing Moment also offers breastfeeding classes.

Hiring a Doula

Finally, if a class isn’t your thing but you feel like you might need help/guidance/support before, during, and after the birthing process, you might want to consider hiring a doula. There are a few local doulas working in the Huntsville/Madison area and you can search the link above to connect to those listed.

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  • Not all the area doulas are listed on the site above. is a good site to look also is another good one!

  • Thanks Brittany – I noticed that but wasn’t sure where else to link to. I’ll add both those links to the article now!

  • I’m sorry, but I do not consider this to be “a lot of options” for Childbirth classes. There are a lot of people in Huntsville. The classes at Huntsville Hospital are very informative, but not very useful for preparing you for coping with labor. There only seems to be one Bradley class at a time, and that means a new one every 12 weeks. If you can’t make the schedule of the one class, then you’re out of luck (and I had a hard time finding out exactly WHEN the next class would be). There are some Lamaze classes in the area – Karen Kennedy ( wonderful instructor, ) teaches Lamaze, but is not currently doing formal classes for personal reasons. I think Huntsville could do with a *lot* more options and formal offering structure from the classes outside of the hospitals.

    • I don’t disagree that there should be more options and I had hoped that by publishing what I found, I could get some feedback from readers and add more options I might not have known about. I do think one of the reasons there are so few classes is because of the rather “hostile” environment that currently exists in Alabama for those seeking a less medical birth experience. There are a lot of resources in Tennessee but that’s a hike for most Huntsville moms and one not that many choose to make.

  • I, too, think that Huntsville could do with more options as far as resources. The thing that is frustrating me most right now is the lack of information available about the options available at the different hospitals. It would be nice to make a very informed decision without having to take a bunch of tours — who has time for that?

  • I am a new certified childbirth educator in Huntsville and I teach Natural Birth and Christian Childbirth courses. I am starting to offer classes at A Nurturing Moment as well as classes in my home. I am looking for places to advertise and would love to be mentioned on your website!

  • Good news for moms wanting options in their childbirth classes – full-length Lamaze class series are available again! Moms due in May-July 2013 can sign up for the April class series starting April 1. Cost is $260 if you register early, and this includes all your class materials, yummy healthy snacks, and a goody bag. Course is open to all mothers and includes knowledgeable information about local birth options. Visit or follow In Due Season on Facebook for more information!

  • Please let your prenatal ladies know, we are, upon their request, offering again prenatal water aerobics class.

    Prenatal Water Aerobics Class
    Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm
    University Fitness Center Pool
    500 John Wright Drive
    Huntsville, AL 35899

    Thank you,
    Feel free to call me for more information
    Dee at 256-585-0507

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