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Sand Mountain Water Park is Cool Fun in the Summertime

Sand Mountain Water Park is Cool Fun in the Summertime

  • 1325 SMPA Blvd, Albertville AL 35950
  • Open 7 days a week in the summer
  • Opens May 25th
Wide view of the Sand Mountain Waterpark
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Note: Updated with 2024 information

Early Saturday morning my family headed out to Sand Mountain Water Park in Albertville. If you haven’t seen Sand Mountain Park & Amphitheater complex, it is fantastic, but on this hot summer day we were on a mission to try out the new water park with my four year-old daughter.

What to Expect at the Sand Mountain Water Park

After a stop in Hampton Cove for some breakfast to eat on the way, we made the straight shot through Guntersville to Albertville. I grabbed our bag that had our stash of towels and sunscreen and headed inside the fitness center to check in for the day. A little prep work from us helped move the process along.

  • We signed the online waiver form for the entire family.
  • We used the inside bathroom before heading into the park to find a spot to place out items.
  • We wore our swimsuits with clothes over them so we could just go straight into the water.

Park Features

When we stepped outside, the whole park was spread out before us: splash pads, a lazy river, small pools, shallow walk-in areas for kids, hammocks, a huge water slide, and shaded areas with tons of seating. We picked out two lounge chairs and started the sunscreen process.

The first stop was the splash pad area. Several sprinklers that looked like they were from Dr. Suess greeted us. My 4-year-old wasn’t too sure about being sprayed or having water dumped on her, but she was in LOVE with the little slide they had. It was just big enough that she had a huge smile going down each time. With bouncy flooring that wasn’t too hot on the tootsies, all the kids were having a great time.

The Sand Mountain Water Park Lazy River

After sprinkler land, my daughter and husband hopped inside the pool to take on the lazy river. Thankfully, we arrived really early and the park was not crowded at all just after 10am. My kiddo was too tiny to fit into the provided inner tubes so she squished in there with papa bear. The park is spread out but not so much that I couldn’t keep an eye on them from where I was sitting.

After a few laps around the lazy river, we found a quiet area in the pool. My child isn’t able to swim on her own very well yet so we usually carry a noodle or have one of us carry her in situations like this. We didn’t bring the pool noodle, so we took turns having her practice swimming between us. She enjoyed being in the water but was ready for more action in the lazy river.

The  Waterslides

I took my turn going in and having her sit on top of the tube. It wasn’t the most comfortable way to float, so I think we’ll bring her own floaty tube next time. As far as the waterslides you had to be 48 inches tall to ride them. I thought I would be clever and do a quick video of my journey down the slide with my phone. As you can see from the photo I planned to keep my phone above water… alas. Thankfully my otter box did its job and my phone is OK. Maybe when the new iPhone comes out it might “mess up” though. The slides were fast and tons of fun. Plus, it’s a great few from the top even if you do look a little haggard (maybe it’s just me) coming out.

They also offer concession stands, and there were picnic tables for people to use to enjoy their food.

The indoor pool was lovely and had several lanes for people wanting to swim laps. They had outdoor restrooms for people so everyone doesn’t track in a lot of water into the building. They even had a pavilion with picnic tables for rental and playground equipment just behind the waterpark.

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Other Pro-Tips:

  • Small coolers are allowed (12.25 x 8 x 12.25 Inches)
  • Kids must be 48″ tall for water slides
  • Swim diapers are required for infants
  • Sun screen, swim diapers, and towels are available for purchase
  • You can even book your birthday party there!

One of the nice things about the wet locker rooms were the swimsuit spinners that got excess moisture out of the suits. They also have showers available to wash off too if you want to do a quick rinse before driving back.

You could easily spend the entire day at the Sand Mountain Water Park. I’ll be honest – I was jealous that Albertville had this awesome waterpark, but I’m glad I live close enough to use it. I hope you get a chance to take a quick road trip and explore this fun waterpark with your family this summer!

Sand Mountain Water Park Details

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Address: 1325 SMPA Blvd, Albertville AL 35950 (map)
Prices: $15 / Person over the age of 4; Kids 4 and under are free
Hours: Open May – October, 11:30AM – 6PM Mon-Fri, 10AM – 6 PM Sat, 1 – 6 PM Sun

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