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Make Some New BFFs and Pick Blueberries at The Boyd Family Farm

Make Some New BFFs and Pick Blueberries at The Boyd Family Farm

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When it comes to food, blueberries are one of my son’s favorites, so we were thrilled when we were invited for a visit to Boyd Family Farm. The farm is a short drive from Huntsville and offers a fun day for all ages. Whether you’re there to pick some berries or to hang out with the many animals that call the farm home, you’re sure to enjoy your visit and make a few new BFFs.

Meet the Boyds

The Boyd Family Farm is the passion and dream of Jared and Elaine Boyd. Back in 2018, the college sweethearts purchased the land that would become Boyd Family Farm. Unbeknownst to them, the land held a hidden treasure that would perfectly combine their backgrounds and visions for the farm – 2,000+ patch of blueberries!

Both Jared and Elaine work as engineers during the week, while lovingly maintaining and growing the farm during any down time. The couple says it’s a dream that they both were prepared for earlier in their lives and that it’s been a continuous journey they’ve felt led to follow.

As fate would have it, Elaine grew up on a blueberry farm. So when the couple discovered the berries and a giant stained glass window with a peacock in it – the future mascot of the farm – they knew it was meant to be.

“The blueberries were a huge coincidence me having grown up on a blueberry farm. No one else is meant for this, there’s a stained glass window that’s a peacock so we felt that it was God telling us to do this,” Elaine said.

Jared and Elaine live their dream out at the farm and bring their passions and backgrounds together to make something special.

In addition to being a confirmation that this was where they were meant to settle, Elaine’s background having grown up on a farm has been helpful in caring for the bushes as well as for the domestic animals on the farm of which she oversees basic care.

Similarly, Jared’s background in education and experience working as an educator at a zoo helps support some of the more exotic animals that call The Boyd Family Farm home.

The Boyds have been growing the farm over the past four years.

“It’s really where our heart is. I always grew up with a passion for animals. I volunteered at a parrot rescue in high school, and I was into all those kind of things growing up. I always wanted to work with animals. Going to college, I was studying biology and then I got a passion for teaching. I ended up with biology and education. Teaching is one of my favorite thing, but I didn’t like the paperwork side of it as much, that kind of got in the way of teaching. Thats what put me at the zoo,” Jared said.

In the four years that the Boyds have owned their land, they have continually updated and grown their dream. They said that although the farm was far from perfect when they first saw the property, it was perfect for them.

“This place was beautiful. It was very overgrown, but we saw the potential. We loved the pond and we thought this would be a great place to spread out We moved in and started cleaning it up,” Jared said.

Jared and Elaine love and care for their animals after working their day jobs.

What to Expect During Your Visit at The Boyd Family Farm

The Boyd Family Farm is a quick drive from Huntsville and is located right on the state line. Upon arrival at the farm you’ll see several signs marking the entrance and will turn down a well-maintained gravel drive that leads to the farm. At the end of the trail you’ll find parking in a field before purchasing admission at the welcome booth. Guests can also purchase t-shirts, pay for blueberries, and more here.

Right near the entrance, guests can choose to visit the animals in the petting zoo, take a moment to enjoy the swing set, or even enjoy a lunch break under a pavilion with picnic tables. Just behind the welcome booth guests can roam through the 2,000+ patch of blueberries, or continue to the animal park and garden.

The animals in the Petting Zoo are friendly and ready to meet your little ones.

Blueberry Picking at The Boyd Family Farm

The blueberry patch at Boyd Family Farm is massive and contains different varieties of berries that allows the picking season to stretch through early August. In addition, the berries are not sprayed and can be enjoyed fresh off the bush.

Blueberries are sold $2 per pound. Guests have 3 options for berry buckets. They can bring their own, borrow a rental bucket, or purchase an official Boyd Family Farm bucket for $5.

The blueberry patch offers fresh blueberries that have not been sprayed.

A Visit to the Petting Zoo

The petting zoo at the farm includes goats, miniature horses, a miniature cow, alpacas, and more. Small cups of feed can be used to earn some favor among the animals, but they’re all pretty friendly and more than willing to say hi and enjoy a scratch or two.

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My son loved meeting the animals and getting to pet them, but there are also bunnies in a different area that are perfect for smaller kids that may be intimidated by the bigger animals.

Children will love meeting some of the animals in the petting zoo.

Stroll Through the Garden & Animal Park

Boyd Family Farm is home to more than just your basic domestic animals like donkeys and goats, the farm also offers sanctuary to peacocks, mini zebus, emus, and more. After walking past the blueberry patch, guests can enter into the Garden and Animal Park portion of the farm.

The Garden and Animal Park is definitely an area that you can see the Boyd’s hard work towards growth. The Garden includes a new addition this year of a 15 foot waterfall and koi pond. The kids will especially love exploring the “cave” underneath the falls. There’s also several plants that are native to the animals’ homes to enjoy.

New to the farm this year is a 15 foot waterfall and koi pond.

Plan Your Visit to Boyd Family Farm

Location: 916 State Line Road, Ardmore, AL 35739 (Map)
Phone: 929-525-6111
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Ages 2 & Under – FREE
Ages 3 & Up – $5
Admission includes entry to the Petting Zoo, Farm, and Animal Park & Gardens.

Season Passes:
Single Season Pass: $10
Family Season pass: $50 (Includes up to 2 adults, and 4 children.)

Blueberry Picking:
Blueberries are sold $2 per pound. Guests have 3 options for berry buckets. They can bring their own, borrow a rental bucket, or purchase an official Boyd Family Farm bucket for $5.

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