Everything You Want to Know about Emsella but are Afraid to Ask

  • Welcome to the pelvic floor revolution!
  • This breakthrough electromagnetic pelvic floor therapy is now offered in Huntsville.
  • 28 minutes = 12,000 Kegels

Let’s talk about sneeze pees. I know, I know… it’s not a glamorous topic, but when one in four women say they have real  concerns about their pelvic floor health, it should be discussed much more openly. It’s certainly talked about behind closed doors. It’s come up in conversations with my girlfriends countless times, and if the amount of TikTok videos dedicated to the subject is any indication, pelvic floor therapy is a hot topic for women of all ages and walks of life. So when I had the opportunity to try out a relatively new therapy called Emsella that strengthens the ole’ PF I jumped at the chance!

Emsella is a breakthrough treatment that uses electromagnetic pulses to work out your pelvic floor muscles. I had heard about it before, but didn’t realize Huntsville has a practice that offered it. Thankfully, Cove Family & Sports Medicine in Hampton Cove offers both Emsella and Emsculpt Neo. After talking with their therapy tech and marketing director, Allison, I booked an appointment to give it a try and decided to share my experience here with other women.

My Emsella Experience

Full disclosure: I’m 44 and have had two kids and one C-section. I work out 3x weekly and have a Mirena IUD (comes into play later). While I don’t suffer from incontinence, it’s safe to say I’m definitely not joining the kids at the trampoline park and lately I’ve required more stops during road trips. To be frank, my pelvic floor ain’t what she used to be.

So here’s everything you might ever have wanted to know about the Emsella. Be warned: I’m not holding anything back.

It doesn’t hurt.

While you might cringe when you hear “electromagnetic pulses” there is no pain involved. It feels very similar to a TENS machine you get at the chiropractor or in sports therapy. You definitely feel it happening, but it doesn’t hurt at all. Some report feeling tingly, but that wasn’t my experience.

There’s not even any cramping afterward, or sore muscles like you get after an intense workout. The pulses trigger a Kegel-like response in your pelvic floor – in fact, one session is the equivalent of about 12,000 Kegels! What makes this treatment different than what you can do at home is the in-depth penetration and stimulation of the entire pelvic floor area, something you can’t do on your own.

My first Emsella therapy session at Cove Family & Sports Medicine
My first Emsella therapy session at Cove Family & Sports Medicine. I was a bit nervous.

It’s not invasive.

This is one of my favorite parts about this therapy – it’s so non-invasive you don’t even have to get undressed! At each session you sit on the therapy chair for 28 minutes. Just make sure you don’t have your phone or credit cards in your pocket as those don’t interact well with the electromagnetic pulses. Bring a book, or chat with Allison while your PF is working out like The Rock preparing for Fast & Furious XI, all without surgery or medication.

It’s not just for older women.

Emsella isn’t just for women that suffer from incontinence. Younger postpartum moms and women of all ages with pelvic floor disorders benefit from it too. It’s also a great option for women who want to prevent future incontinence, and are starting to experience more frequent bathroom visits or occasional leakage.

Men also benefit from Emsella, especially those that have incontinence or prostate problems. It can even improve erectile dysfunction as well as enhance ejaculation, though these reports have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Who it’s NOT for: Anyone with a copper IUD or a pacemaker should not have Emsella therapy.

Emsella has no negative side effects.

Unlike a pill that can cause side effects like nausea, or interact badly with other medications you take, Emsella has no negative side effects. The worst that can happen if you do it is… nothing. However, the odds of that happening are low since 95% of those who choose it experience results.

In fact, the positive side effects of Emsella are pretty dingdang awesome. It can help increase sexual pleasure, boost your sex drive, and make it easier to achieve orgasm. While these positive side effects aren’t the original goal, they are so prevalent the Emsella marketing department has a lot of fun with them…

It’s totally worth the money.

The downside of Emsella is cost – it’s not covered by insurance* and it’s not cheap. Six 28-minute sessions are the average recommendation – two sessions a week for three weeks is typical but it can vary. Each session usually costs around $300, but there are several discounts available for the next few months at Cove Family Medicine that greatly reduce the price. (Just mention you read about it on Rocket City Mom!)

But consider the alternative to treating incontinence. The average cost of medication is $40/month, not to mention the expense of products like pantyliners or adult briefs. Couple those costs with the negative side effects medications can have, and Emsella is a deal, albeit one that is enjoyed by those who can afford it upfront and out of pocket. Plus, it’s very hard to put an added value dollar amount on those positive Emsella side effects!

*Don’t get me started on how I personally think it’s ridiculous that a life-changing, FDA-approved therapy that treats serious health problems many women suffer from isn’t covered by health insurance. Especially since insurance already doesn’t cover so many basic aspects of women’s health.

I could tell a difference in my own PV strength around the third session, or about 10 days into the process. Allison said that should sustain me for about 12 months, but everyone is different. After that I have the option of getting one or two additional 28-minute sessions per year if I wanted, but that’s entirely optional, especially if I keep up the Kegels at home.

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