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Education Spotlight: Rocket City Learning Center

Education Spotlight: Rocket City Learning Center

  • Excellent tutoring & test prep for students of all ages and abilities
  • Upcoming Spring Break & Summer Camps available
student and his tutor studying at Rocket City Learning Center

Once upon a time, the story of a small but mighty learning center started to unfold like a fairy tale. One educator’s dream of opening a safe haven for inquisitive young minds was hatched. Now, almost a decade later, we caught up with Dr. Praveena Kommidi to celebrate the fast-growing success of Rocket City Learning Center.

Rocket City Learning Center’s Approach to Excellence

540 Hughes Road Suite 11 Madison, AL 35758
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Q: Tell us your organization’s story. How did it come about? What need does your business fill in the community? What makes you unique?
A: What started as a Math Camp in the summer of 2012 because Dr.Kommidi did not like the experience her kids were having with doing meaningless sheets for memorization became a great success. “It came by because I did not want to see any kid suffer like my kid who tried another similar program. I wanted to create a happy place where kids discover their love of learning. We are a teacher-led program that always maintains a 1:6 ratio for classes. We encourage dialog in the class, our teachers are guides by the side rather than a sage on the stage.”

Needless to say, that first group of students almost ten years ago went home full of smiles, twinkly eyes, and brighter brains. These encouraged Dr. Kommidi to keep that environment alive. She has always believed in the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” So began the start of Rocket City Learning Center and it’s amazing growth over the years.

Q: What “problem” do you see in the community that you can solve?
A: We deliver on what we promise, and provide quality tutoring and test prep at an excellent value to our students.

“I came here with very little knowledge of ACT strategies. I will be leaving [RCLC] with a much better understanding of how to better take the ACT and maximize my time by using strategies I have learned. For the first time, I have actually completed the math section!” – Brandon Erwin, Rocket City Learning Center student

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Q: Do you have any upcoming events or programs you’d like to invite the community to explore?
Rocket City Learning Center has unique approaches that appeal to all students. Our tutoring programs are crafted to adapt to the educational needs of every child. We design our prep courses to provide a personalized learning experience by recognizing every child’s individual requirement for knowledge acquisition. Rocket City Learning Center offers Test-Prep courses (ACT, SAT, Pre-ACT, PSAT), Tutoring (Math, Reading, Writing), Enrichment (Math, Reading, Writing).

We are hosting Spring Break and Summer Camps in 2022. We post upcoming test prep and tutoring sessions, as well as free ACT Info Sessions on our Facebook Page.

Q: What advice can you offer parents who are looking for ways to supplement their child’s educational journey?
A: Encourage them to investigate how they learn the best. They should enjoy their learning process. Once they figure out how they learn, how fun it is to learn- they are set for their life. Always encourage them to ask questions, and if an adult can’t answer it, there is the best resource in the world- Internet at their footsteps. Help them to learn to research and recognize a quality resource.

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